Web site Status 2015-08-24

2015-08-24: Updated the Maps on Stamps Checklist page with correct address and email information. 2015-08-22: All of the new issue posts from the “New Issues Blog” have been moved to this site. After a while the “New Issues Blog” will be turned off and new issue posts will always reside on the main site. 2015-08-19: […]

Web Site Status

2013-12-30 (23:30 UTC)

After a discussion with the Officers, the Forum and CPS Exchange pages have been removed. Unfortunately the Forum was not largely used and became difficult to manage due to spam posts. The CPS Exchange was dormant for a number of years and did not take off as was hoped. If you are […]

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Did you know you can receive an email message automatically whenever new content is updated to the web site?

Signing up for this service is easy. Below the menu bar, in the upper right hand corner of the web page, are two small icons, one for “By RSS” and the other for “By Email.” […]