Retirement of The New CartoPhilatelist Journal Editor – Martin Oakes

Martin Oakes Retirement

After many years of service, Martin Oakes must relinquish his position as Editor of The New CartoPhilatelist (TNCP) Journal. In a group such as ours, the journal is the lifeline, the major method to communicate with members, to share research, to keep up- to-date. Martin did an outstanding job for all […]

The New CartoPhilatelist Journal Receives Award at StampShow 2018

APS/ATA StampShow 2018 Vermeil Literature Award

The Society’s flagship Journal, The NewCartoPhilatelist (TNCP), has received a Vermeil award at the recent APS/ATA StampShow 2018 held in Columbus Ohio during August 2018. Under the direction of Editor Martin Oakes, TNCP competed against a group of 19 other philatelic society journals. The officers of the Society […]

TNCP Members Archive Updated

The Member’s Only TNCP Archive has been updated with all of the recent digital editions of the Society’s award winning journal through No. 57, April 2017. All members with hardcopy subscriptions have access to download a digital copy of each journal. Please remember the password for the archive has been updated, and is shown on […]

TNCP Journal Takes Vermeil at APS Sacramento Stamp Show

The New Carto-Philatelist Journal has won a Vermeil award at the APS Stamp Show in Sacramento, California that was held from August 16-19, 2012. A very special acknowledgement and round of applause for our Editor, Mr. Martin Oakes, and for all of the authors who have worked so hard to support TNCP every issue! […]

TNCP Wins Silver-Bronze Medal at PhilaNippon 2011

PhilaNippon 2011 Silver Bronze Medal for The New CartoPhilatelist (August 2011)

The New CartoPhilatelist, the official Journal of the Society, was awarded a Silver Bronze medal at PhilaNippon 2011. The six day event lasting from July 28th thru August 2nd was held in Yokohama Japan. The New CartoPhilatelist competed against newsleters and journals from […]

Distribution News About The New CartoPhilatelist Journal

Digital Edition

A secure web page has been setup for downloading the current issue of the Journal and digital subscribers have that option instead of receiving it as an email attachment. Some of the digital subscribers were having problems receiving the email with such a large attachment, so this download page will solve that problem. […]