Delay in shipping TNCP 59 has shipped to our hardcopy subscription members

Nov. 11, 2017: TNCP Editor, Martin Oakes has informed us that Issue 59 was mailed to hardcopy members on Nov. 11, 2017. Hardcopy members should be receiving the printed issue shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Oct. 29, 2017: The PoD service we use for printing, MagCloud (a division of Blurb), has recently made […]

50th Issue of TNCP Dispatched to Members

The 50th issue of The New CartoPhilatelist, the Society’s award winning journal has been dispatched to members. There was a slight delay while we worked to add a number of new and renewing members to our mail list. The 50th edition of the journal is a milestone and proof over the […]

TNCP 44 Dispatched to Members

The dispatch of the 44th issue of The New CartoPhilatelist marks a turning point for the Society. This issue was printed and dispatched directly to all of our hardcopy members, both domestic and international, using HP’s MagCloud Service. The first issue of the new year starts out with a […]

TNCP 43 Dispatched to Members

The 43rd issue of the Society’s Journal, The New CartoPhilatelist, is filled with 20 pages of articles, news and images. Starting out this issue, are meteorologists Don Hillger and Garry Toth who take a look at The Earth as Seen from Space. Their detailed article traces the history of […]

TNCP 42 Dispatched to Members

The 42nd issue of The New CartoPhilatelist Journal will be sent to members in early July. This twenty page issue is filled with many interesting articles, news about the Society and new issue images.

For the first article in issue 42, Vice-President David Wolfersberger continues his […]

TNCP 41 Dispatched to Members

The 41st issue of The New CartoPhilatelist is slated to be dispatched to members in early April 2013. The issue beings twenty full pages of fascinating articles, images and information about the Society.

The first article in TNCP 41 is from the Society’s out-going president, David Wolfersberger and details […]