Recent New Issues from Argentina

Some recent issues from Argentina have come to our attention over the past few weeks. Thank you for your submissions. There has been some information on the new web store site from Argentine Post. If you have additional information or links, please tell us.

Argentina 2015 Ciudad Evita Mini-sheet

In 2015, Argentine Post issued […]

THailand Earth Observation Satellite (THEOS)

Thailand 2009-12-05

While not the first map stamp issue of 2010, Thailand Post’s Theos issue of December 5, 2009 is sure to be high on the list of important cartophilatelic issues of the previous year. The 3.00 Bath stamp was issued to mark the launch of Thailand’s first Earth Observation Satellite (EOS), on […]

Marginalia: December 2007, New Color Omission Error

Article Number 8: Color Omission Error on Portugal sc#1115

New Submission December 2007, Research, text and scans by Mark Honig

Our eighth Marginalia is in regards to a fascinating new color error that our member Mark Honig from The Netherlands has recently found.

Wanting to buy a mint copy of Portugal 1114 (4.50e Meteorological map) […]

Canada: National Atlas Celebrates 100 Years of Mapping

Canada 2006-06-30 (single)

On June 30th, 2006, Canada Post will issue a new stamp to mark the 100th anniversary of the National Atlas of Canada. The new stamp shows geographer James White (1863 – 1909) who is considered to be the father of what become The Atlas of Canada. The stamp was issued on […]