Forthcoming Mini-Sheet Joint Issue Features Plan Map of the Vatican City State

Italy & Vatican City State, 2019-02 (planned)

Fellow cartophilatelist and Vatican expert, James Hamilton, has informed us of an upcoming joint issue between the Vatican and Italian Posts, of a mini-sheet that contains a map of the City State in the selvedge. The mini-sheet marks the 90th anniversary of the Lateran Treaty which led […]

New Map Issue From Slovenia

On September 25, 2009, Slovenia Post issued a single stamp commemorating the work of Bishop Anton Martin Slomšek and marking the transfer of the Lavantine diocese from Sankt Andrä Austria to Maribor Slovenia in 1859. Bishop Slomšek died in Maribor in 1862. On 19 September 1999, John Paul II announced Slomšek’s beatification in Maribor, instead […]

Poste Italiane Issues Patron Saints of Europe

Poste Italiane recently issued a mini-sheet with a joined pair of € 0.60 and € 0.65 stamps depicting a map of Europe overlaid with a cross. The October 7, 2009 issue commemorates the Christian roots of Europe and is dedicated to the patron saints of Europe. The names of the patron saints shown are, Ss. […]