Monaco: Recent New Issues

Member Pierre sends news about a couple of new issues from the Monaco Post Philatelic Office. On May 29, 2019 two issues were released.

Centenary of the birth of Fausto Coppi… Monaco 2019-05-29

The first issue marks the centenary of the birth of legendary Italian cyclist Fausto Coppi. He was the dominant international cyclist of […]

Forthcoming Mini-Sheet Joint Issue Features Plan Map of the Vatican City State

Italy & Vatican City State, 2019-02 (planned)

Fellow cartophilatelist and Vatican expert, James Hamilton, has informed us of an upcoming joint issue between the Vatican and Italian Posts, of a mini-sheet that contains a map of the City State in the selvedge. The mini-sheet marks the 90th anniversary of the Lateran Treaty which led […]

Forthcoming Souvenir Sheet from San Marino

The Philatelic Bureau of San Marino is planning to issue a new souvenir sheet on June 7, 2013 that commemorates the 550th anniversary of the determination of borders between the Republic of San Marino and Italy. A proposed joint issue with Italy, the € 5.45 sheet depicts two regions prior to the “Patti di Fossombrone” […]

Poste Italiane Issues Patron Saints of Europe

Poste Italiane recently issued a mini-sheet with a joined pair of € 0.60 and € 0.65 stamps depicting a map of Europe overlaid with a cross. The October 7, 2009 issue commemorates the Christian roots of Europe and is dedicated to the patron saints of Europe. The names of the patron saints shown are, Ss. […]