Forthcoming Mini-Sheet Joint Issue Features Plan Map of the Vatican City State

Italy & Vatican City State, 2019-02 (planned)

Fellow cartophilatelist and Vatican expert, James Hamilton, has informed us of an upcoming joint issue between the Vatican and Italian Posts, of a mini-sheet that contains a map of the City State in the selvedge. The mini-sheet marks the 90th anniversary of the Lateran Treaty which led […]

Forthcoming Souvenir Sheet from San Marino

The Philatelic Bureau of San Marino is planning to issue a new souvenir sheet on June 7, 2013 that commemorates the 550th anniversary of the determination of borders between the Republic of San Marino and Italy. A proposed joint issue with Italy, the € 5.45 sheet depicts two regions prior to the “Patti di Fossombrone” […]

“Atlas of Vatican CartoPhilately” Article Series Now Available

“Atlas of Vatican CartoPhilately” Article Series Now Available

In late 2011 we learned of a series of articles about Vatican CartoPhilately published in Vatican Notes. These articles were written by James Hamilton, a member of the Vatican Philatelic Society and a recent new member of our Society. The thrid article in the series has been […]

Marginalia: July 2008 Identification of Unknown Map on Vatican mini-sheet

Article Number 10: Identification of Unknown Map on Vatican sc1008

New Submission July 2008, Research, text and scans by Miklos Pinther

Our tenth Marginalia article submitted by Society President Emeritus Miklos Pinther sheds some light on a previously unknown map. –web admin

In 2005 David Wolfersberger originally asked me about the world map depicted on […]