Recent AAT issue features map of Antarctica

On September 19, 2017, Australia Post issued a set of three stamps and a mini-sheet recognizing the cultural heritage of the Australian Antarctic Territory. The issue focuses on cultural artifacts from three key historical periods relating to Antarctica, which we refer to as the “exploration era”, “interwar era” and “postwar era”. Each artifact also represents […]

New CartoPhilatelic Reference: World History of Maps: Explorers and Map Makers

T. Nishiumi, “World History of Maps – Explorers and Map Makers,” 2008

A foreign cartophilatelic reference has recently been brought to our attention. A Japanese book entitled World History of Maps: Explorers and Map Makers by Mr. T. Nishiumi was published in 2008. Mr. Nishiumi won a Large Vermeil at Brasiliana 2013, with a […]

Portuguese Mini-sheet Commemorates 400th Anniversary of Pinto’s “Pilgrimage”

Portugal 2014-02-24

On February 24, 2014 Portuguese Post issued a souvenir sheet and single stamp to mark the 400th anniversary of the publishing of Fernão Mendes Pinto’s Pilgrimage (Peregrinação). Pinto was a a Portuguese explorer and writer and the work is considered an autobiographical account of his travels and voyages throughout India, Asia and […]