TAAF/FSAT 2020: A Couple of New Issues With Maps

TAAF 2020-01 Station Robert-Guillard

In the January 2020 TAAF (French Southern Antarctic Territory) series from La Poste, a couple of the issues contained maps. In a set of two stamps marking the joint French/Italian Station Robert Guillard near Cap Prud’homme in Adélie Land (Terre-Adelie) one stamp contains a map (right). The €2.80 stamp depicts […]

Recent AAT issue features map of Antarctica

On September 19, 2017, Australia Post issued a set of three stamps and a mini-sheet recognizing the cultural heritage of the Australian Antarctic Territory. The issue focuses on cultural artifacts from three key historical periods relating to Antarctica, which we refer to as the “exploration era”, “interwar era” and “postwar era”. Each artifact also represents […]

Recent New Issues from French Overseas Territories

France Post has issued some recent Overseas Territory (France d’outre-mer) issues that will be of interest to fellow CartoPhilatelists.

French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF/FSAT), Issues of 2018-01-02.

France (TAAF/FSAT) 2018-01-02 issue 1

France (TAAF/FSAT) 2018-01-02 issue 2

France (TAAF/FSAT) 2018-01-02 issue 3

Saint Pierre and Miquelon (2017-11-13)


Argentina Marks 50th Anniversary of Antarctic Expendition

Some recent issues from Argentina have come to our attention over the past few weeks. Thank you for your submissions. There has been some information on the new web store site from Argentine Post. If you have additional information or links, please tell us.

Argentina 2015-03-09, 50th Anniversary of South Pole Expedition

On March […]

Recent New Issues from Chile

Some recent issues from South America have come to our attention over the past few weeks. It has been difficult to find detailed information and also official postal issuing agency links for these items. If have additional information or links, please tell us.

The first issue is from Chile Post and is a set of […]

Japan: Antarctic Treaty 50th Anniversary Issue

Japan 2011-06-23

On June 23, 2011, Japan Post issued a sheet of 10 stamps marking the 50th anniversary of the start of the Antarctic Treaty. Ratified on December 1, 1959, the treaty went into force on June 23, 1961. The sheet from Japan contains five map 80JPY denomination stamps, of a common design, […]