TAAF/FSAT 2020: A Couple of New Issues With Maps

TAAF 2020-01  Station Robert-Guillard

In the January 2020 TAAF (French Southern Antarctic Territory) series from La Poste, a couple of the issues contained maps. In a set of two stamps marking the joint French/Italian Station Robert Guillard near Cap Prud’homme in Adélie Land (Terre-Adelie) one stamp contains a map (right). The  €2.80 stamp depicts the location of Station Robert Guillard which is located nearby the French Dumont d’Urville Station. The location of the stations along the shoreline are marked by points and national flags. A relief shaded map of the ice sheet and Mertz Glacier fills the remaining center portion of the stamp. What appears to be a partial polar-sterographic projection is positioned on the lower right side of the stamp. France’s Terre-Adelie territorial claim is marked in red.  The next TAAF issue containing a map is a mini-sheet of two stamps (below) with the background showing a photograph of the joint French/Italian Concordia Base, located 1,100 km (680 mi) inland from the Dumont d’Urville Station. The main theme of the  mini-sheet appears to be the DHC-6 Twin Otter airplane used for logistics between the bases. The plane is shown in the center of the sheet and in the €1.05 denominated stamp (upper left) which also depicts an aerial view of the base.  A map of Antarctica is depicted in the other stamp (lower right). The €1.05 denominated map stamp shows French, Italian and EU flags along with the geographic location (lon/lat) of the Concordia Base, in the Australian Antarctic Territory.

TAAF 2020-01  Concordia Base

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