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There are many, many references on the Internet to maps and cartography. Here are a few that you might want to explore.

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General Philatelic Sites

Digital Philately

The Philatelic Database by William Chochrane

Stamp Domain by Jan Kosniowski

Linn’s Stamp News

Canadian Stamp News

Stamp News Now

Postzegelblog (Dutch with english translation)

Europa, CEPT, Norden, and SEPAC Information Blog

Philatelic Societies

American Philatelic Society

American Topical Association

State Revenue Society

Sites Showing Maps on Stamps

Gilad’s Maps on Stamps by Gilad Aharoni

Dan’s Topical Stamps by Dan Nelson

The 1898 Canadian Map Stamp comprehensive presentation and frames by Robert Lighthouse

Metric, Weather and Un-manned Satellites by Don Hillger (USA) and Garry Toth (Canada)

Worlds in the Upper Right Hand Corner

Smithsonian National Postal Museum and the Allen Lee Collection of Maps on Stamps

Mapping and Maps

U.S. Geologial Survey

Natural Resources Canada

Ordnance Survey

National Geographic

The Journal of Maps

International Cartographic Association and the International Journal of Cartography

Cartographic Concepts and Map Projections

Relief Shading

Shaded Relief

USGS Map Projections Poster and An Album of Map Projections (1453)

Map Projections Used by USGS (1532)
and the previous edition Map Projections: A working manual (1395)

Gallery of Map Projections

Geometry in Action

John Savard’s Home Page

Wolfram Research’s Map Projections Page

Peter H. Dana’s Map Projection Overview

Map History

Map History / History of Cartography Gateway by Tony Campbell

History of Cartography Books at University of Chicago Press

History of Cartography Project, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Osher Map Library

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Antique Maps

r/oldmaps (Old Map images on  learn about reddit before accessing

Art Source International – Rare Maps and Prints