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The CartoPhilatelic Society launched the “Occasional Publications Series” in 2007, with the first publication entitled, “America on the Map.” Learn more about some of the recognition that “America on the Map” has received or read the overview of the publication.

 View a Sample from “America on the Map”

Sample from America on the MapMany members are aware of the Society’s first Occasional Publication, “America on the Map” but perhaps you have wondered about what the actual content of the book looks like. We now have made a few pages from the book available for examination. We are certain that once you see an example of the unique content and professional layout that yo copy.

The idea for this publication came from Society member Volker Woesner of Germany, whose article shows the different commissioned designs of the German Waldseemuller map stamp, prior to the final accepted design.

The sample is available as an Adobe PDF file which you can download and view. If you have any problems with the PDF file, please contact the web site administrator.




Society Wins Accolades for “America on the Map”

CartoPhilatelic Society President David Wolfersberger has sent word that the Society’s First Occasional Publication “America on the Map” has won the Vermeil Award from the American Philatelic Society (APS) at StampShow 2008, which took place in Hartford Connecticut, August 14-17, 2008. The certificate along with a medal from the APS Writers Unit is shown below. David informs us that the judging score was only two points shy of a gold rank! A truly wonderful recognition for the Society. Congratulations!

APS StampShow Vermeil Award
Hartford Connecticut, August 14-17, 2008
APS Writers Unit Vermeil Award, StampShow 2008

Collected Reviews of “America on the Map”

If you have not yet purchased your copy of “America on the Map” be sure to check out this newly arranged collection of the reviews which have appeared in recent philatelic publications. If you know of any reviews which we are missing please send them along.

Occasional Publication Series #1 “America on the Map”

Publication Overview

Cover Image of “America on the Map”
The CartoPhilatelic Society
ISSN: 1939-4012

The CartoPhilatelic Society is pleased to announce the publication of America on the Map, the first number in their new Occasional Publications Series.  This fifty-six page softbound book is extensively illustrated with over 130 images in full color. It is being published to coincide with the 500th anniversary of Martin Waldseemüller’s world map of 1507, the first map to use the designation “ America ”.  Only one copy of Waldseemüller’s map survives and will soon be on permanent display at the Library of Congress, Washington , DC .

America on the Map contains eleven articles on various topics concerning Waldseemüller’s map, its preparation, events in Europe at the time the map was first printed, and map stamps related to America .  The first article introduces the recently issued German stamp depicting Waldseemüller’s map.  Other articles deal with Amerigo Vespucci, whose explorations provided key reference data for the map; the political situation in Europe at the time the map was published; Waldseemüller’s globe; the postal system in Europe in the 15thcentury; and the connection between Waldseemüller and Mercator.

Three articles bring the discussion closer to America :  New Netherland in America ; territorial and state boundaries in North America; and border disputes in Latin America as shown on stamps.  The book concludes with a discussion of how a postal system can influence the growth and development of a country.

The Editor of America on the Map is Miklos Pinther, President Emeritus of the CartoPhilatelic Society and retired Chief Cartographer of the United Nations. This limited edition volume was printed by Top Graphics of St. Louis, MO.


Here is the introduction from “America on the Map” by the Society’s then President, Mr. David Wolfersburger.

In 1507, working in the town of Saint-Die, France, German cartographer Martin Waldseemuller published a world map that was unique in several ways including the first surprisingly accurate graphic representation of the “New World”. He based his work on published accounts by Amerigo Vespucci and, to a lesser extent, Christopher Columbus. In recognition of Vespucci’s historic explorations, Waldseemuller named the new area “America,” placing that name on the map on what is now South America, thus providing another unique feature: the first time the word America appeared in referring to the Western Hemisphere.
Thus, Waldseemuller’s 1507 map is often referred to as the “birth certificate of America.” With this addition to his beautiful and accurate world map, Waldseemuller literally made history. It is hard to imagine not having the words South America, Central America, North America, United States of America and American in our vocabulary. It is therefore very appropriate that Germany issued a stamp commemorating this milestone in both cartography and history. It provides a unique opportunity to examine and learn about this map and other aspects of the Americas as expressed on stamps with map related themes.

It also provides a special opportunity for the CartoPhilatelic Society to launch our Occasional Publications Series. This first volume of this new series, “America on the Map,” features a number of articles related to the Waldseemuller map and other aspects of cartophilately of the Americas. Future volumes of the Occasional Publications Series will similarly focus on specific themes in the area of cartophilately. This will provide a forum for more in-depth studies of special themes and will provide ideas for collectors to broaden what and how they collect, organize, exhibit, or write about their map stamps.

The idea for a special issue relating the Waldseemuller map was first made last year by Society member Volker Woesner, who is also an active member of Motivgruppe und Arbeitsgemeinschaft des VPhA e.V. im BDPh e.V. “Landkarten – Vermessung – Entdeckungsgeschichte der Erde”, our sister society of cartophilatelists in Germany. Volker was key in generating enthusiasm and interest in pursuing a publication focused on the Waldseemuller map. Shortly after Volker raised this idea, Dr. Alf Jordan, Secretary/Treasurer of the CartoPhilatelic Society suggested that rather than a special issue of the quarterly journal, The New CartoPhilatelist, it would make more sense to have this topic covered in a separate publication. Thus was born the Occasional Publications Series.

The only remaining copy of the Waldseemuller (1000 were originally published) is on permanent display at the Library of Congress. For those who like details, the complete name of the map is “Universalis cosmographia secunda Ptholemei traditionem et Americi Vespucci aliorum que lustrationes” (“A drawing of the whole earth following the tradition of Ptolemy and the travels of Amerigo Vespucci and others”).

I am proud to introduce the CartoPhilatelic Society’s new Occasional Publications Series with this excellent volume. I know you will enjoy reading it and referring to it in the future.

David E. Wolfersberger
President, The CartoPhilatelic Society
August 2007

Purchasing Information

Copies of America on the Map are available for $25 (Society members $20) postpaid in theUnited States and $30 (Society members $25) postpaid to other addresses.  Members may purchase copies of OP#1 using the CPS Online Membership Form.

For offline and non-member orders or other inquiries please contact us.

Table of Contents Image

Below is an image of the Table of Contents from America on the Map. A PDF is also available by clicking the image.


Table of Contents from America on the Map

Press Release for Editors

A press release is available on our Society News page, or as a PDF file.