Index CartoPhilatelica – Index to the CP and TNCP Journals

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Index CartoPhilatelica is an exciting new resource from the CartoPhilatelic Society.

Compiled by fellow cartophilatelist and CPS Officer Brian Marshall, of New Zealand, this multi-year project set out to develop a comprehensive subject and personal reference index to the Carto-Philatelist and
The New CartoPhilatelist journals.

An announcement for Index CartoPhilatelica will appear in the January (No. 72) edition of The New CartoPhilatelist. A digital (PDF) version of the index is expected to be released in January 2021 has been released and is available for download at the link below!

Public distribution of the digital version will be through this webpage. A printed version is planned for a later date.

The first issue of The Carto-Philatelist appeared in March 1955. The introduction to this new journal described it as the “official bulletin of the Map Study Unit of the American Topical Association”.  Publication continued until December 1995, when the Society went into abeyance.  The Society became active again at the beginning of 2003, with a new set of officers at the helm.  A revitalized journal, The New CartoPhilatelist, has been published since March 2003.

Index CartoPhilatelica contains indexed content from all the issues of the Carto-Philatelist (1955-03 through 1995-12) and issues of The New CartoPhilatelist (2003-03 through 2020-07 [No. 70]).

Rationale for the creation of an index

Within the pages of these two journals is a huge amount of cartophilatelic information, as well as interesting information about the members of our Society.  Some of this material can be tracked down using the very useful cumulative tables of contents, compiled by Volker Woesner and available through the Cumulative Tables of Contents webpage.  These tables of contents provide a broad-based approach to the contents of the journal, and are important for tracking down articles on particular topics.

A feature of both of the Society’s journals is the wealth of information locked away in regular columns that have appeared for most of the time the journals have been published.  The first was “All Over the Map” compiled for many years by Evelyn Nelson.  In her column in volume 5, issue #6, 1959, for example, there is information about Greece’s Red Cross issue, a map cancel from Ecuador honoring the Organization of American States, a souvenir sheet from Syria commemorating the Sixth Damascus Fair showing a world map , the American designer of a Turks and Caicos issue, the issuing of an overprinted stamp by Guatemala reiterating its claim to British Honduras, plus awards won by various members at philatelic exhibitions. So many bits of information in a single column!

Much of the material included in Evelyn’s column is information that today we would exchange via email.  It is material that is not captured by a cumulative table of contents.  The New CartoPhilatelist has a regular “Maps on Stamps New Issues” column. Again, the details of new stamps are not captured in a cumulative table of contents, but they are in this new index.

In the journals there is also information about members of the Society.  Sometimes there is detailed information, other times there is a single sentence noting that a member has successfully exhibited a cartophilatelic display, or, sadly, that they have passed away.  All references to people are indexed, regardless of the length of the entry about them.

Structure and layout

The index aims to cater for collectors with different collecting interests.  Stamps showing lighthouses of Estonia, for example, will be found in the index under the heading ESTONIA, for those interested in the cartophilatelic output from Estonia;  but also under the heading LIGHTHOUSES, for those who collect lighthouse stamps.

The first part of this index is a subject index, the second is an author index.  Within the author index, entries are arranged alphabetically by author, and then chronologically under each author’s name.

The layout of Index CartoPhilatelica is produced as a Letter size document. Both parts one and two are grouped into a single PDF document available for download at the link below.

new  Digital Distribution Index CartoPhilatelica First Edition (January 2021)

Feedback and Updates

While great care has been taken in compiling, editing, and proof-reading the layout of the index editorial issues are bound to exist. To help with efforts in making the listings better, please use the Society’s Contact Us page to submit corrections or suggestions. Brian will continue to update the content of the index on a periodic basis.  It is planned that updates will be made available here.

“The professional dedication and perseverance of Brian in this sole, multi-year endeavor has resulted in one of the most comprehensive and well structured indexes in topical philately. Index CartoPhilatelica is an open resource that will soon become an indispensable tool for research projects by both members of the CartoPhilatelic Society as well as philatelists outside of the group.  On behalf of the members of the CPS, I commend Brain on completing this task and hope that he will continue to update and expand this project as new issues of the Society’s New CaroPhilatelist Journal are published. Thank you Brian!” – Mark Honig, CPS President