Cumulative Tables of Contents

  Example CTC Listing


What grew out of a personal project by the CartoPhilatelic Society’s European Representative, Mr. Volker Woesner, we are pleased to make the results of his project available to our web site visitors.

Volker has diligently complied two Cumulative Table of Contents (CTC) listings for each of the Society Journals. The listings are available in digital form, both as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files, Microsoft Excel (xls) formats. Each formatted list is sorted in chronological order.

Each article entry contains the year, volume/number and page number, in addition to the authors, title, and selected keywords. The CTC listing for the Carto-Philatelist spans 40 years and includes content for all 170 published journals. Similarly, the CTC listing for The New CartoPhilatelist contains entries for all 66 journals published from April 2003 through July 2019.

The listings have been formatted for easy printing.

updated  Listing Downloads

The TNCP Cumulative Listing has been updated through 2019/07. Additionally, MS Excel files (.xls) are now available for both the TNCP and CP listings.

Right click on each of the links below and save the file to your computer.

TNCP Cumulative Listing (PDF & Excel):

CP Cumulative Listing (PDF)

Feedback and Updates

While great care has been taken in proof-reading and editing the layout of the listings, issues are bound to exist. To help with efforts in making the listings better, please use the Society’s Contact Us page to submit corrections or suggestions. Volker will continue to update the content of the CTC listings as new journals are published or revisions are required and those updates will be pushed to the downloadable files on a periodic basis.

“These lists would not have been published if it had not been for the dedication of Volker over the past few years, and they will be an indispensable resource for researching topics in both the Carto-Philatelist and The New CartoPhilatelist journals. We thank Volker for his continued dedication in their management.” – Mark Honig, CPS President