Journal Indexing Project

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Current Status (March 2013)

Volker Woesner has completed the second draft of the Index that contains entries from the Carto-Philatelist and also up to the January 2013 issue (#40) of The New CartoPhilatelist.  Thanks for the dedication on this project Volker!  This is one of the projects that the forth-coming IT Advising Team will be examining.  If anyone else is interested in helping, please contact either David Wolfersberger or Volker Woesner.

Autumn 2011 Update

Volker Woesner has completed the first draft of the Index for all issues of the Carto-Philatelist from 1955 to 1995.  The officers will be reviewing this draft. From now, Volker will be adding the TNCP articles.

If anyone else is interested in helping, please contact either David Wolfersberger or Volker Woesner. Thanks to Volker for the tremendous effort he has put into this project!

Spring 2011 Update

With the Spring, we have new information about the status of the CP Index Project.

This vital but often delayed project has been given new life by Volker Woesner, our European Representative. Volker has begun indexing the original journal form 1955 and is making great progress. He could, however, use help.

If you are interested in participating in the CP Index Project, please send a note to Volker Woesner

He will provide information about the process he is using and other details. Once completed, the Index will provide an easy way to access the wealth of information in almost 50 years of The Carto-Philatelist and The New CartoPhilatelist.

Please consider helping to complete this project which is of great value to all of our members.

Pre Spring 2011 Project Status

Work on the CP Index Project has somewhat slowed, but we are now considering how to get it progressing again.

Now that the complete original CartoPhilatelist Journals have been scanned and are available to members at a small cost, it is easy to obtain the entire set of original journals.

The original Carto-Philatelist Journals contain a wealth of information and an index if available would be highly valued by both members and non-members alike. Contact us if you are interested in helping.


The CP Index project started as a personal project by one of our members, Mr. Dan Nelson. Dan has a number of original Carto-Philatelist Journals and has been going through those journals compiling an index of the articles and orther information.

The original CP Journals offer a wealth of information for research and informative reading.

The merits of having an index for the orignal CP Journals are easily understood and from discussions online with other members it was decided to start the CP Index Project Team (CPI-PT) and and for help from other members who may be interested in working on this.

The CPI-PT has made a list of CP Journals along with those journals in possesion by the team members. At this time, the CPI-PT is dividing work to members based on the journals which they have easy access to.

It was considered to first complete the index work for journals which team members personally owned. Later on, it may become necessary to consider providing copies (either in PDF or hardcopy) of older journals to CPI-PT members.

The structure of the index is very simple. This structure allows for easy compliation, input and use. The CPI-PT is using Microsoft® Office® Excel® for this task.