Maps on Stamps Checklist

Current Revision: 9.0 (2020-03)

Revision 9 of the Maps on Stamps Checklist now ready

Revision 9.0 of the Maps on Stamps Checklist is now ready. This update includes the addition of over 700 new or previously overlooked issues, numerous corrections, and the addition of missing data such as catalogue numbers, coverage and grade. The updated Checklist has over 40,000 entries. Revision 9 contains all “Checklist Updates” through “2020 MoS Checklist Update 02” as posted on our website.

Also included is a separate spreadsheet listing all additions included in this Revision 9. Perhaps this will make it easier to update your existing Checklist.

Purchase options

The Checklist is available only to members of the CartoPhilatelic Society, and who are current in their annual dues.

There are three options for receiving this updated Checklist:

  1. If you have previously purchased an Excel or hard copy version of the Checklist you may obtain the new version in Excel format at no cost by contacting the Checklist Editor David Wolfersberger.
  2. The cost for new purchasers of the Excel version of the Checklist is US$25.
  3. As an option for those who desire a hard copy, a CDROM or flash drive (usb memory stick) with the complete Checklist can be mailed to you. The CDROM or flash drive can then be taken to a local print shop, UPS store, or similar location for printing. Instructions for printing will be included. The cost for this is US$10 for previous purchasers of the Checklist, or US$35 for first time buyers.

Pricing Structure of the current edition

Excel Version
(digital delivery)
CDROM or Flash Drive
(includes shipping costs)
New Purchasers US$25 US$35
Previous Purchasers
– Excel or Hard Copy
Free US$10

NOTE Hard copies of the Checklist are no longer available for purchase from the Society. See option 3 above if you need a hard copy.

Payment information

Payments for the Checklist can be sent by check in US funds to:

Or electronically using our Online Membership and Purchase Form

Once the payments have been cleared and member status verified the Checklist will be promptly sent.

Checklist updates

Starting in 2014, updates to the checklist have been made available here for download.

Note! We have switched to an yearly sequential update number in the file name, instead of the quarterly format.  The files from 2014 have been renamed, but there has been no revision of the content.

The Checklist Update in each issue of The New CartoPhilatelist contains new issues grades A, AR and OC. Grade O stamps are not listed in the quarterly update; likewise older map stamps that had been “overlooked” are not included. This practice will continue. However in order to make all Checklist updates more readily available to members checklist editor and vice-president David Wolfersberger will be making the complete list of updates to the Maps on Stamps Checklist freely available for download.  These updates are formatted as Microsoft Excel files and contain the same information as listed in the Journal, plus O grade stamps and older issues that have been recently added to the Checklist.

Download Links for Quarterly Checklist Updates

2013 Q4 MoS Checklist Update
2014 MoS Checklist Update 01 2014 MoS Checklist Update 03
  2014 MoS Checklist Update 02r1 2014 MoS Checklist Update 04
2015 MoS Checklist Update 01 2015 MoS Checklist Update 02
2015 MoS Checklist Update 03 2015 MoS Checklist Update 04
2016 MoS Checklist Update 01  2016 MoS Checklist Update 02
2016 MoS Checklist Update 03
Special Checklist Update 2016 Oct
2017 MoS Checklist Update 01 2017 MoS Checklist Update 02
2017 MoS Checklist Update 03 2017 MoS Checklist Update 04
2018 MoS Checklist Update 01 2018 MoS Checklist Update 02
2018 MoS Checklist Update 03 2018 MoS Checklist Update 04
2019 MoS Checklist Update 01 2019 MoS Checklist Update 02
2019 MoS Checklist Update 03 2019 MoS Checklist Update 04
2020 MoS Checklist Update 01 2020 MoS Checklist Update 02
2020 MoS Checklist Update 03 2020 MoS Checklist Update 04
2021 MoS Checklist Update 01

Please feel free to download these updates and contact us if you know of any missing issues or revisions.

Background of the Checklist Project

The Checklist has been a long term project of the Society, beginning essentially from its founding in 1955. The most recent versions are based on the original ATA Handbook #104 issued in 1982; an update for 1982 to 1995 compiled by the previous editor of “The Carto-Philatelist”, Mark D. Larkin; and updates for more recent years compiled by Lillian Kent. Over the years, many people have contributed to the various updates including Miklos Pinther, Bill Critzer, Alf Jordan, Ed Stresino, Stuart Hamilton, Pierre Moise, Ed Vallery and Diedrik Nelson. Mark Honig has provided many hundreds of corrections and additions and continues to be the Associate Editor.

The Checklist, as delivered, is sorted by Country (using Scott Catalogue naming conventions), then by Year, then by Scott Catalogue Number. Once you have the Checklist, you can sort in whatever way meets your needs, or make other additions/changes to the spreadsheet to make it more useful.

Grading and coverage is essentially complete and members are encouraged to provide details on any of the stamps with missing or questionable data, or any omissions please submit these using the Contact Form so the list can be maintained.

The intent is to review all stamps with missing data to add Grade and Coverage. This is a long term project of the Checklist editor; if you are interested in helping please contact David.


The Format column is the arrangement in which the stamp was issued. If there is no notation, it was issued only as a single stamp. It is noted if the stamp is part of a sheet containing other stamps, a strip or block with other stamps or part of a Souvenir Sheet. The general policy is to list different formats for the same stamp if the Scott Catalogue assigns different numbers.


The current grading system is a modification of that presented by Mr. Larkin and Mr. Pinther in 1995. It has been simplified to contain 4 Grades:

  • A : A generally good quality, identifiable map that is either the main feature of the stamp or a supporting or secondary feature.
Type AR: Cape Verde sc343
Type AR: PNG sc299
  • AR : Reproduction of old maps or charts.
Type AR: Cape Verde sc343
Type AR: PNG sc299
  • O : All other maps such as tiny maps, outline maps, stylized maps, globes, emblems (such as the UN emblem or symbol), stylized globes with no surface features identified, views of the earth from space (either partial or full view of the earth), views of old cities showing street or road layouts.
Type O: Peru scC165
Type O: Sweden sc1865
  • OC : Mapmakers and map making equipment.
Type OC: Japan sc2504
Type OC: BAT sc253
Note: Scans courtesy of Dans Topical Stamps . All Stamps shown above have their denominations crossed out for security reasons.


The Coverage column mentions the areas that are shown. If nothing is mentioned, the coverage is either not clear; has no discernible feature; or the stamp has not been examined.