Poste Italiane Issues Patron Saints of Europe

Poste Italiane recently issued a mini-sheet with a joined pair of € 0.60 and € 0.65 stamps depicting a map of Europe overlaid with a cross. The October 7, 2009 issue commemorates the Christian roots of Europe and is dedicated to the patron saints of Europe. The names of the patron saints shown are, Ss. Cirillo E Metodio, S. Brigida Di Svezia, S. Benedetto Da Norcia, S. Caterina Da Siena and S. Teresa Benedetta Della Croce.

Italy 2009-10-07

Italy 2009-10-07

In addition to the mini-sheet, there appear to be a set of two stamped postcards. The cards contain one stamp each from the set. Each card also has a similar design depicting some parts of the mini-sheet. The stamped postcard on the left below is € 1.17 and the one on the right is € 1.12.

Italy 2009-10-07 Stamped Postcards

[ if any of our Italian or European members have any additional information on this issue, please let us know. ]

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