Monaco: Recent New Issues

Member Pierre sends news about a couple of new issues from the Monaco Post Philatelic Office. On May 29, 2019 two issues were released.

Centenary of the birth of Fausto Coppi…

Monaco 2019-05-29

The first issue marks the centenary of the birth of legendary Italian cyclist Fausto Coppi. He was the dominant international cyclist of the years leading up to and directly following World War II. Coppi won the Italian Giro d’Italia five times and the Tour de France twice, along with the World Championship in 1953. In 1949, he became the first rider ever to win both the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia, repeating that feat again in 1952, the same year that Monaco made its entry as a city stage in the Tour de France. The post site continues, “with an outstanding record, Fausto Coppi is widely seen as one of the greatest riders in the history of cycling. He revolutionized the approach to competitive sport with his focus on diet, technology, training methods and sporting medicine.”  The horizontal formatted, 0.86€ denominated issue depicts a map on the multi-color left portion of the stamp, focused on France and Italy. On the map are a series of dots, inside of the boundaries of Italy and France, possibly indicating cities of the both Giro d’Italia and Tour de France that hosted stages of the races in 1952. Two multi-color ribbons, in the colors of the flags of Italy and Monaco are overlaid on the map, emanating from what appears to be Monaco and another Italian city of importance to the issue. On the monochrome right portion of the stamp is a pencil-like sketch of Coppi on his cycle, with a bottle between the handle bars. In the background is a banner reading “Monaco 1952” that changes from color on the left to monochrome on the right.  [This is not the first stamp to depict Coppi, other issues from Italy, San Marino and other countries have, over the years, commemorated Coppi’s victories, although this may be the only issue with a map. Please let us know. -admin]

Women’s Football in France…

Monaco 2019-05-29

Another issue, marks France’s hosting of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 soccer/football tournament taking place from June to July. The horizontal formatted, 1.05 denominated issue depicts two players running to kick the ball. The “pitch” is depicted as a partial sphere of the Earth focused on western Europe and France, with the nine cities where the matches will take place shown as small gold stars on the map. A star-field is shown in the background. Along the left and right edges of the issue are 24 flags representing each team’s country or region.

Centenary of the Mediterranean Science Commission (CIESM)…

On March 15, 2019 a single stamp marking the centenary of the Mediterranean Science Commission (CIESM) was issued. The horizontal formatted, 1.30€ denominated issue depicts a map of  the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, with surrounding north African,  the Middle-Eastern, and European countries visible. The 23 member states of CIESM are shown in yellow with their borders as white lines. A research ship with what is possibly a type of “sonar emitting depiction” radiating from the bow of the vessel and the logo of the CIESM, a red star-fish over an artistic blue “swash,” are visible on the left side of the stamp.  The French title of the organization and centenary dates (1919-2019) are shown along the bottom of the stamp.

 Monaco 2019-03-15

CIESM represents a unique forum for scientific exchanges, peace and dialogue, bringing together marine researchers from across the Mediterranean using the latest technologies to understand, monitor, and protect the sea. Today, with its multi-disciplinary network of 8,000 scientists working at almost 500 institutes, and with political support from its 23 member states, its independent analyses and recommendations are widely relied upon by national and international organizations.

All three issues are available in sheets of 10. There are no maps in the selvedge.

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