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On to the next 50 years!

The CartoPhilatelic Society has now entered our 63nd year as a Society!  Come and join us as we move forward to the next future!

Benefits of Society Membership

As a current member in the CartoPhilatelic Society you will receive the following benefits:

  • The Society’s full color quarterly journal, The New CartoPhilatelist (TNCP), containing many superb and interesting articles, as well as providing details of new map stamp issues, Society news and events.
  • In addition, only current members may purchase the Society’s comprehensive Maps on Stamps Checklist
  • Members also receive discounts on other Society publications
  • are eligible to join the “Members Only Online Discussion” email list
  • and are given access to download digital files (PDFs) of TNCP Journal back issues and the complete digital files of the CartoPhilatelist, the Society’s first journal

Adobe® Acrobat® PDF Reader® is required to view the files on this page and to print the Membership Form.  Please visit the Adobe® web site for more information if you are unfamiliar with PDF files.

Bylaws of the CartoPhilatelic Society

The current bylaws of the CartoPhilatelic Society became effective with the round of officer elections held in 2013. These bylaws available here,  CPS Bylaws Rev2 July 1, 2012.   Please review them to better understand the structure of our Society.

Updated Data Privacy Policy of the CartoPhilatelic Society

From May 25, 2018, the CartoPhilatelic Society (CPS) has enacted a data privacy policy.  The data privacy policy provides details on what personal data we collect from you, how that data will be used, managed and stored, along with what your rights are regarding that data. When you join the CPS “opt-in” and signify your agreement with the data privacy policy. If you do not agree, you are welcome to contact us to discuss any questions you may have. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Updated  Current Dues and Membership Form

While the financial situation of the Society is currently healthy,  there are some issues we have to pay attention to.  One such issue are shipping costs.  Over the past couple of years, US postal rates have increased significantly.  Dues for members who receive the electronic (PDF) version of the Journal will remain unchanged.  Donations to the Society are always welcome.

Current Dues Schedule for 2019
(one year term, April 1 through March 31):

Hardcopy shipment, US addresses:

 US$ 20

Hardcopy shipment, Foreign addresses:

 US$ 25

Electronic Delivery, any email address:

 US$ 15



  • Payment via US$ check, International Postal Money Order, or PayPal are accepted (see below).
  • Partial term (half year, etc) memberships are not available. Hardcopy members who join part-way through the year, before January 1, will receive hard copies of the three (3) back issues for the current term.
  • Both digital and hardcopy members have access to the Member’s Only Archive, where all of the back issues of TCNP may be downloaded as PDFs.

How to Join

Updated Online Membership Form

The preferred way to join the Society is by using our Online Membership Form. This form can be used for new memberships, renewals, update of contact information and the purchase of other Society publications. Payments submitted through this form are processed using PayPal. If you have any problems with the operation of the form, please contact the web administrator.

UpdatedPDF Membership Form

If you cannot use the online interface or would like to pay using another method, an updated offline CPS Membership Form is available as an Adobe PDF. Download the file for printing or use Adobe Reader to fill in the form fields, then save and return the file by email.  Please follow the directions and submit the form along with your payment, to our Treasurer Phil Coop at the address provided on the form.

Membership Questions

Questions about membership issues which are not answered here, should be directed to the Society’s Secretary using the contact form on the web site, or as a final option, via postal mail to: