Issue from Norway Post Promotes 2019 World Orienteering Championships

Norway 2019-06-14

Member Tom sends information that on June 14, 2019 Norway Post issued a single stamp marking the upcoming 2019 World Orienteering Championships, taking place from August 12 – 17, 2019 in Østfold, Norway.  Orienteering was invented by the Swedish military at the end of the 1800s. The first civil orienteering race was arranged in Norway in 1897 in Nordmarka, north of Oslo. The vertical formatted issue, designed in a map and compass motif is divided into two sections. The lower section, depicts an orange colored diagonal patch modeled on the international orienteering flag.  The upper section of the stamp shows what appears to be topographic contour lines, shown in blue. Offset from the middle, the magnetic needle of the compass is visible, centered on the boundary between the upper and lower sections. Positioned through the orange patch following a circular path, much like the dial of a compass, is the  Norwegian text “VM I Orientering 2019” meaning “World Championship in Orienteering 2019.” The non-denominated stamp is valid for domestic postage (INNLAND) up to 20 grams and sells for NOK 16.00 (USD 1.84). The stamp is available in booklets of 10. It appears there is no map in the selvedge of the booklet pane.  [ always intricate and colorful, orienteering maps have been featured on a number of issues over the years.  please contact us if you know about any web pages featuring more orienteering issues. – admin ]

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