Forthcoming Mini-Sheet Joint Issue Features Plan Map of the Vatican City State

Vatican City State - 2019-02 planned
Italy & Vatican City State, 2019-02 (planned)

Fellow cartophilatelist and Vatican expert, James Hamilton, has informed us of an upcoming joint issue between the Vatican and Italian Posts, of a mini-sheet that contains a map of the City State in the selvedge. The mini-sheet marks the 90th anniversary of the Lateran Treaty which led to the establishment of Vatican City State (1929). The 4.15€ sheet contains a total of four stamps featuring Popes Pius XI and Francis.  An antique looking large scale city plan, on the left of the sheets, depicts St. Peters Basilica and the  boundary of the city state along with major roads.  The issue is expected in February, however the is not shown on either web site yet. James also tells us of a Vatican issue, in a special folder, that appears to feature a map, but details are limited at this time.

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