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Covers of The Carto-Philatelist Journals (1955 - 1995)
    Covers of The Carto-Philatelist Journals
(1955 – 1995)

This is the secure archive site for current members of the CartoPhilatelic Society to download full issues of the Carto-Philatelist Journal. From 1955 to 1995 the CartoPhilatelic Society published 165 issues of the Carto-Philatelist – over 3,840 pages of cartophilatelic articles, Society news, new issue listings, and other content are contained in the pages of these journals.  The Carto-Philatelist Journals are available to download as individual issues or in archived groups.

Each issue is a window into the past, and the officers of the Society are certain that all members will find interesting reading in these files.

The journals are stored as Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files and can be downloaded by saving the PDF file to your own computer. If you are new to using PDF files, you can find more information and download the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader on the Adobe Systems web site.

Archive Security

Presently, this archive is password protected. The password will be changed periodically, and current members of the Society will be informed of the new password.

Access to the Archive

The members archive is online and the password
is shown on the last page of TNPC #56 January 2017

Access credentials for the Archive are changed periodically.  Members experiencing problems accessing the archive should use the Society’s Contact Us page to submit your question.  Membership status will be checked for all inquiries.

To access the archive, press on the large “Enter the Archive” button shown below.

Please remember that access to this archive is only for
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