Closed Album: Rev. Diedrik “Dan” Nelson

 Closed Album: Rev. Dan Nelson
Rev. Diedrik “Dan” Nelson

It is with sadness that we report the passing of long time CPS Journal Editor and dedicated fellow CartoPhilatelist Rev. Diedrik “Dan” Nelson on Nov 5, 2018. Dan was a long-time philatelist whose interests extended to a number of other fascinating thematic topics that he collected. Dan was a member of APS and the Sioux Falls Stamp Club for over 20 years as well as an officer of the club for a time. With the help of his son Chris, Dan complied and maintained the comprehensive web site “Dan’s Topicals” ( which Chris has continued to maintain. Dan became the second editor of The New CartoPhilatelist Journal, a couple of years after Bill Critzer and David Wolfersberger organized a rejuvenation of the Society. Dan served as Editor for many years, growing and guiding the Journal. With his son, Dan assembled and scanned a collection of the original Carto Philatelist Journals which are now available for access on the Society’s web site. An avid genealogist with an inquisitive mind Dan was always helpful and available for philatelic discussions and provided the newly reorganized group with a grounded direction for the future. Later in life as medical conditions took their toll and Dan was unable to communicate as frequently as before, we were happy to know from his son that he continually enjoyed receiving and reading TNCP and was happy to know that the CPS was growing. Thank you Dan, for your support and dedication to help make CPS what it is today.  –Officers of the CartoPhilatelic Society

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