Closed Album: Lillian Kent

Closed Album: Lillian Kent  2009-06

Lillian Kent

Lillian Kent

I was saddened to learn that Lillian Kent, long time Society member and Secretary/Treasurer Emeritus had passed away on June 18, 2009 at the age of 91.  Ms. Kent was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1917.  Lillian was active in the Society for many years, and I am sure that many of our veteran members will remember her activities and contributions to the CartoPhilatelists.

“I remember Lillian — she was a geography teacher in Lowell , MA at that time.  She had a special interest in polar maps,” wrote Society Treasurer Ed Vallery, she sent me my first map stamps, and from then on, I was hooked on cartophilately.

President Emeritus Miklos Pinther wrote, “Lillian and I became officers (treasurer & president) about the same time, in the beginning of 1986.  Unfortunately, we never had a chance to meet personally, but of course, we corresponded and spoke on the phone frequently, dealing with Society matters.  I knew she was a geographer who had assumed a bookkeeping job with a travel agency after her retirement.  She did an excellent job as a treasurer and wrote several very fine articles for our journal. She impressed me as a modest person who meticulously carried out her tasks, someone who always showed great civility. I remember that Lillian was quite unhappy when the Society had to suspend its operations.   I am sure she felt very gratified that she was an important connection to resurrecting our activities.”

As Miklos mentioned, Lillian carried on after the Society became dormant in 1995.  She continued to compile new issues checklists which she graciously shared with me when I first began to update the Maps on Stamps Checklist.  The updating work Lillian had done on the new issues saved much time, and eliminated the need to go back and cover those several years while the Society was inactive.  She also maintained the funds remaining in the account, so we were able to have some “money in the bank” when the Society was restarted.

Our thanks go out to Ms. Kent for all of her contributions over the years to the CartoPhilatelic Society, and our sympathy to her son, Michael.

       David Wolfersberger
November 2010
The CartoPhilatelic Society


[ During Ms. Kent’s association with the Society, she wrote a number of articles for the Carto-Philatelist Journal. The Society is working to make these available in the forth coming TNCP Journal and on the web site. Please check back in the coming month for more information. –web admin ]

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