The New CartoPhilatelist Journal Receives Award at StampShow 2018

    APS/ATA StampShow 2018
Vermeil Literature Award

The Society’s flagship Journal, The NewCartoPhilatelist (TNCP), has received a Vermeil award at the recent APS/ATA StampShow 2018 held in Columbus Ohio during August 2018. Under the direction of Editor Martin Oakes, TNCP competed against a group of 19 other philatelic society journals.  The officers of the Society would like to congratulate Martin on his editorial leadership in consistently providing our members with the one of the finest topical journals available today. In addition, it is also important to acknowledge the authors, who have written articles and provided content for our Journal over the years.

If you have not submitted an article for the Journal now would be great time! Articles of any length are always needed. Please see the Journal submission guidelines or contact the Editor with any questions. The Journal can always use articles and content so please consider to write an article! Our deadline for the October 2018 issue is September 21.

CPS Member Wayne Youngblood Receives APS 2018 Luff Award

 Mr. Wayne Youngblood
2018 APS Luff Award

Fellow CartoPhilatelic Society member Wayne L. Youngblood, is the recipient of the 2018 Luff Award for Outstanding Service to the APS. Wayne is a lifelong stamp collector who began at age 8 and never stopped.  Wayne is the current editor for numerous philatelic journals including The American Stamp Dealer & Collector magazineThe Collectors Club PhilatelistTopical Time and Duck Tracks. In addition to The American Philatelist he also is a columnist for Linn’s Stamp News and Philatelic Exporter. Wayne began his professional involvement with the hobby as an editor at Linn’s Stamp News, became editor of Scott Stamp Monthly then as editor-publisher of Stamp Collector newspaper. He is author of 10 books (including Stamps that Glow and All About Stamps) and has written thousands of columns and features over the years. He speaks extensively on the hobby to both philatelic and non-philatelic groups.  Congratulations Wayne!

Monaco Poste Celebrates Football World Cup 2018 with Map Issue

    Monaco 2018-04-10

La Poste Monaco has issued a single stamp marking the 21st Football World Cup, being hosted in Russia from June thru July 2018. The 1.30 € denominated issue, of April 10, 2018, depicts four footballers in various poses with a map of the Russian Federation in the background. On the map are a grouping of stars, most likely indicating the location of the match stadiums. Around the left, top and right edges of the stamp are the flags of the participating countries. June 14 and July 15, in French, are written in the upper section of the stamp. [ does anyone know of any other World Cup 2018 issues with maps? let us know – web admin]

USPS Illinois Statehood Bicentennial Issue

USA 2018-03-05
USA 2018-03-05,
Illinois Statehood

On March 5, 2018 the US Postal Service issued a new stamp marking the Illinois statehood bicentennial. The first class, non-denominated “Forever” issue is a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) design.  Located in the Midwestern region of the United States, Illinois is the 6th most populous US state and 25th largest in terms of land area. While the state’s largest population area is around Chicago in the northeast, the the capitol is Springfield, located in the center area of the state.

This stamp celebrates the 200th anniversary of Illinois statehood. Known as the Prairie State, Illinois became the 21st state of the Union on December 3, 1818. The stamp art features an outline of the state map with a series of yellow beams radiating upward like the rays of a rising sun.  The colors on the map begin at the bottom with a deep yellow. The color fades upward to pale yellow and then into pale blue, with increasingly deeper blues rising to the top of the map; the yellows and blues symbolize the dawning of a new day as the state joins the Union. Stars, representing the first 20 states, grace the top of the stamp. The rising sun symbolizes the 21st star.

Maps on Stamps Checklist Rev. 8 now shipping

Checklist Editor David Wolfersberger has been busy working to finalize a major update of the Maps on Stamps Checklist and he is happy to report the new update is ready to ship. The Revision 8.0 update includes the addition of over 1000 new or previously overlooked issues, numerous corrections, and the addition of missing data such as catalogue numbers, coverage and grade. The updated Checklist has about 39,850 entries. It is now current through the February 2018 issue of Linn’s Stamp News – Scott’s Catalogue Updates plus other new issues.

CPS to Meet at StampShow 2018

StampShow 2018The 7th meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society is scheduled to be held during the joint American Topical Association (ATA)/American Philatelic Society (APS)  StampShow 2018, in Columbus Ohio USA, August 9-12, 2018. The date and time for the meeting along with the proposed agenda, will be announced later. This will be a great show, with about 100 dealers and 900 exhibit frames, plus many seminars and society meetings.  Details about the show, including hotel reservations, are available at

Help is also needed to staff the ATA booth on the show floor. If you plan on attending during the week and can volunteer an hour or two, that would be greatly appreciated. Please contact David Wolfersberger if you plan to attend StampShow 2018, and if you can help at the ATA booth. We look forward to seeing you in Columbus this August!