Third 2016 MoS Checklist Update Ready

Checklist Editor David Wolfersberger has finalized the June-August 2016 update of the MoS Checklist. This update, along with previous updates, are available as Microsoft Excel files to download from “Checklist Updates” section on our MoS Checklist page.

Maps Featured on Australia Nostalgic Fruit Labels Issue

Australia 2016-06-07 Nostalgic Fruit Labels

Australia 2016-06-07

The June 7, 2016 Australia Post issue of “Nostalgic Fruit Labels” contains two stamps featuring both a map of Australia and one of Tasmania. The issue contains four $1 AUD denominated stamps, as either gummed or self-adhesives. The designs across either type appear to be the same. Cartophilatelists will be interested in two stamps from the set.  The “River’s Pride” Oranges with a map of Australia inset with an image of a paddle-wheel steamer on a river. Varieties of oranges are shown in the foreground of the label. The “Robin Brand” Apples label depicts a map of Tasmania with a robin perched on a tree branch.  Some historical background from Australia Post follows. In the early 20th century Australia became a major food exporter, particularly to Great Britain until well after World War II. An early means of identifying fruit for market was by stenciling wooden fruit cases, using metal stencils brushed with black paint. Details included the grower’s name as well as the type, size and grade of fruit. As Australia’s fruit export industry expanded, so did the need for marketing of the fruit. Soon paper labels, pasted onto the end of wooden cases, formed part of the fruit industry landscape between the 1920s and 1970s, before the widespread use of cardboard cartons. There were local market labels, grower labels and more, but the most colorful were the labels used for export. While labels were used for various types of fruit,apple labels from the “Apple Isle” Tasmania were by far the most numerous.   In addition to the State Library of Tasmania, one of the largest public collections of fruit labels is part of the Troedel Printing Archive in the State Library of Victoria. The sample books of lithographic printing firm Troedel and Cooper contain an amazing array of colorful designs. Three of the labels featured in this stamp issue are from that collection. The fourth is the Western Australian
label for Paterson & Co., one of the largest shippers of apples and pears in the west from the labels era. [ be sure to check out Australia Post’s new philatelic and collectables web site. also, watch for another post about the Fair Dinkum Aussie Alphabet (current and forthcoming issues) -admin]

Portugal/Vietnam Joint Issue Features Oblique City Views

Portugal/Vietnam Joint Issue 2016-07-01

Portugal/Vietnam Joint Issue 2016-07-01

While not much information about this issue has been found, on July 1, 2016 Portugal and Vietnam postal agencies released a joint issue marking, what appears to be, 500 years of trade and cultural relations.  The issue consists of a total of four stamps, two common designs, one from each country.  The 0.47EUR and 12000VDN denominations feature an oblique view of Lisbon from 1593, described by Portuguese Post as “Olissipo quae nunc Lisboa, em Civitates orbis terrarum, Georgio Braunio.” The 0.80EUR and 3000VDN denominations feature a similar oblique image, but of Hoi-An, a port city located on the eastern coast of Vietnam.  Hoi-An was first visited by Portuguese traders in the mid 1500s, and who sought to establish a trading center at the port. Today Hoi-An is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The stamps also feature “pottery objects,” depicting what appears to be a “plate with oriental designs” (0.47EUR and 12000VDN), and a “kind of vase” (0.80EUR and 3000VDN).  Flags of both Portugal and Vietnam are also featured on the stamps. [ this is a nice looking issue but unfortunately difficult to find much information. updates are welcome. -admin]

Swiss Cartographic Society Promotes ICA International Map Year with “WebStamp”

Switzerland (WebStamp) 2016

Switzerland (WebStamp) 2016

As part of promotional activities for the International Map Year (IMY) the Swiss Cartographic Society  has issued a personalized “WebStamp” through Swiss Post. The Swiss Post’s personalized “WebStamps” enable online design of adhesive stamps. The horizontal formatted label depicts a perforated “stamp” area on the left containing the International Cartographic Society (ICA)  logo in the upper left corner, with the IMY logo along the lower section of the stamp. The Swiss Cartographic Society Logo is in the upper right corner of the stamp. The remainder of the label consists of a 2d-barcode, denomination and postal permit markings. The label also contains the “pro clima” logo, signifying that delivery of the letter will be carbon-neutral, thanks to a “high-value” climate protection contribution from Swiss Post. There are a total of 4 denominations, all in Swiss Francs (CHF) of 0.85, 1.00 (standard denomination), 1.30, 1.80. The Swiss Cartographic Society will be using the stamps on all Society mail and hopes that the stamps will raise awareness of the IMY and other cartographic related activities.  [ Note: If you are interested in purchasing one or more of the labels, please email CPS member Thomas Schulz.  There are two offers: OFFER 1: Two (2) mint stamps at 1.00 CHF plus a nicely postmarked “WebStamp” on the envelope for 10 USD/EUR/CHF or OFFER 2: The whole set of four (4) stamps at 0.85 / 1.00 / 1.30 / 1.80 CHF plus a nicely postmarked “WebStamp” on the envelope for 15 USD/EUR/CHF ]

Report on the 6th Meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society, May 2016

NY 2016 LogoCPS Meeting
The 6th meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society took place on May 29, 2016 in New York City, during the 2016 World Stamp Show.  Close to a dozen members and interested visitors attended the meeting held at the Javits Convention Center, venue of the 2016 World Stamp Show.  Four presentations were given during the two hour meeting. CPS President Mark Honig delivered “Maps on Stamps” a colorful and comprehensive presentation by CPS President Emeritus and meeting organizer Miklos Pinther who, unfortunately, was unable to be present that day.  This was followed by TNCP Journal Editor Martin Oakes’ presentation of “Don’t Lick the Stamp” an illustrative lecture on organizing and writing up a collection. In addition Martin presented “CPS Web Status Report” prepared by CPS web administrator Reese Plews, detailing status of some of the web site related updates and projects. Discussion time was available after the presentations.

CPS Booth
In addition to the meeting on May 29th, the Society occupied a booth in the “Society and Study Groups” area of the conference center. It was the first time that the CPS had a booth during a show and we want to thank NYC member Richard Ropiak and all the other volunteers who helped staff the booth during the show.  Attendance at the booth was steady and  many CPS membership brochures were distributed. Displays of a large binder containing the printed version of the Maps on Stamps Rev. 7 Checklist along with the Society’s OP#1 “America on the Map” were also the focus of much interest from the visitors.  A couple of  new members were recruited during the eight day event.

CPS Members Win Awards
Two members of the Society exhibited during the show and both won awards. Mr. Takao Nishiumi from Japan won a Gold Medal for his exhibit entitled “The History of  Cartography-Mapping the World and Regions,” and Mr. Roger Van Laere from Belgium won a Large Silver Medal for his exhibit entitled “Peruvian Prehistory.” Congratulations to both Takao and Roger!  [ if we have missed any other members who exhibited, please let us know! ]  On Friday June 3rd, the American Topical Association held their meeting and one of the highlights was the awarding of the Distinguished Topical Philatelist for 2016 to CPS member Mr. Bob Lamb.

The CPS President and Officers would like to thank Mr. Miklos Pinther and Mr. Richard Ropiak for helping to organize our Society’s attendance during the show and making it a success. Also, a special thanks to so many members and people who visited the both to say hello and show your support for the Society!  [ an additional report about the show and some general thoughts about the show and contents of the philatelic exhibits will be forthcoming in a future issue of TNCP. -web admin ]

 Mark Honig, CPS President
6th CPS Meeting 2016-05-29
  CPS Booth at the 2016 World Stamp
Show in New York City, NY USA

Luxembourg Post Marks 500th Anniversary of the Thurn & Taxis Postal Route

Luxembourg 2016-05-10

Luxembourg 2016-05-10

On May 5, 2016 Luxembourg Post issued a new mini-sheet marking the 500th anniversary of the Thurn and Taxis Postal Route’s passage through the country.  As described by Luxembourg’s Philatelic web site, the first postal routes were formed from the necessity to exchange messages among the royal, imperial and pontifical courts. Since the 15th century, the Taxis family was known for its courier and message services. Following a convention signed in 1516 between the family and Charles V., the Netherlands – Germany – Italy postal route even passed through northern Luxembourg with a probable postal relay at Hoffelt, as described in a document dated 19 July 1520.  On 18 June 2016, this bit of philatelic history will be commemorated through a series of joint events with Luxembourgian, German and Belgian post offices in the cities of Arzfeld and Asselborn with special post offices and philately associations.  From a cartophilatelic standpoint, the mini-sheet depicts a map with red circles representing five postal stations (Flamisoulle, Bourcy/Michamp, Hoffelt, Asselborn, Arzfeld) shown in the upper section of the sheet.  In addition, the sheet  portrays the territorial evolution of Luxembourg.  The five postal stations depicted on the sheet were part of Luxembourg 500 years ago. However, since 1839, only two postal stations, Hoffelt and Asselborn, still remain in Luxembourg.  Arzfelt is now in Germany and Flamisoulle and Bourcy/Michamp are in Belgium.  Historically, the north-western part of Luxembourg was integrated into Prussia, in 1815 and the western, French speaking part of Luxembourg, was integrated into Belgium as the Province of Luxembourg in 1839.  Forest areas, depicted by groups of small trees along with postal riders on horses are interspersed in the background of the sheet. In the center of the sheet are two horizontal stamps. The €4.00 left stamp shows the post rider and horse with commemorative slogan. The right stamp is an non-denominated label and shows  two coats of arms, the one on the right appears to be the Thurn and Taxis coat of arms, however there is no mention about the one on the left. [ if anyone has clarifications and more information about this sheet or the coat of arms, please let us know. thanks to CPS members Neil C. for telling us about this issue, and Pierre M for providing a clarification of the detailed historical background so much history shown in one small sheet! -web admin ]