Unique Sheet Issued by Ecuador Post Features Map Stamps Within Map Stamps

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Ecuador Post issued this sheet, probably in September 2015 to possibly mark the 150th anniversary of Latin American Philatelic activities. A rough translation from The Federation of Inter-American Philately web site says that the stamps represent the members attending the 150th anniversary celebrations.  The sheet contains 25 US$ 0.75 denominated stamps and it appears there are at least four map stamps within map stamps visible on the sheet, or five maps total if you count the logo. Can you find more? A very interesting issue, wish there was more information about this.

Ecuador 2015-09 sheet

Ecuador 2015-09


Argentina Marks 50th Anniversary of Antarctic Expendition

Some recent issues from Argentina have come to our attention over the past few weeks. Thank you for your submissions. There has been some information on the new web store site from Argentine Post. If you have additional information or links, please tell us.

Argentina 50th Anniversary of South Pole Expedition

Argentina 2015-03-09, 50th Anniversary of South Pole Expedition

On March 9, 2015 Argentine Post issued a special sheet marking the 50th anniversary of “Operation 90” the first Argentine expedition to the South Pole. An edited translation of the text from the web site describes the background of the expedition.  In 1965, a group of men from the Argentine Army proposed reaching the South Pole by land from the General Belgrano Base, located at 77 ° 46 ‘south latitude and 38 ° 11’ west longitude, on the Filchner Barrier. The expedition began on October 26, 1965 and was an extremely arduous journey, slowed by deep cracks and ridges of wind-blown snow (sastrugis). However, despite the difficulties, the team, traveling by snow cats, continued their journey and reached the South Pole on December 10, 1965.  They returned to Belgrano Base on December 31, 1965.  Additional information is also available on these two comprehensive web sites,  here and here.  The sheet, measuring 100mm x 150mm contains two stamps, in denominations of $11 and $14 Argentine Pesos (ARS).  The upper stamp, $11, has a picture of the team leader, Colonel Jorge Edgard Leal, along with a map showing the Belgrano Base, and an inset map of Argentine territories in Antarctica. The lower stamp, $14, depicts the team, saluting the Argentine flag on December 10, 1965 at the South Pole. The remainder of the sheet shows the route the team traveled, along with specific dates and images of research activities carried out along the way.  Issued in conjunction with the 50th anniversary sheet is a single $6 denominated stamp [not shown here] marking the discovery, in 1986 by an expedition from the Argentine Antarctic Institute to James Ross Island, of the remains of an unknown species of dinosaur, Antarctopelta Oliveroi. The genus of dinosaur ankylosaur represented by a single species, Oliveroi, that lived in the late Cretaceous period in what is now Antarctica, which is depicted on the stamp, and there is no map on this single stamp.


MoS Checklist Rev. 7 Now Available

Revision 7.0 of the Maps on Stamps (MoS) Checklist was released on December 1, 2015. This is a significant and major revision to the Society’s key resource project.  As with previous major releases, this revision contains many additions, corrections and changes. The Checklist has been updated through the November 2015 issue of “Scott New Issues Update” published in Linn’s Stamp News. “The revised Checklist contains approximately 38,700 entries covering an estimated 39,000 to 40,000 individual stamps and sheets,” said David Wolferseberger, MoS Checklist Editor,  “and 974 additions have been made since the previous edition of the Checklist plus numerous changes and corrections.”  More information about this revision and update options for members who have previously purchased the MoS Checklist are available on the main MoS Checklist page. The MoS Checklist is only available for purchase by current members of the CartoPhilatelic Society. [ A hearty round of applause to David and the other members who have helped in compiling such a comprehensive revision. -admin ]

Recent New Issues from Chile

Chile 2015 MapsChile 2015 MapsSome recent issues from South America have come to our attention over the past few weeks. It has been difficult to find detailed information and also official postal issuing agency links for these items. If have additional information or links, please tell us.

The first issue is from Chile Post and is a set of seven stamps with various types of, possibly older, maps and charts. Issued in 2015, denominations for the set range from $10 to $1000 Chilean Pesos (CLP). Chile 2015 NavidadIn ascending order, the $10 stamp depicts a large-scale street/block map of Santiago, the $50 and $60 denominations show the Antarctic continent with what appear to be territorial claim boundaries.  The remaining four stamps depict islands, the $80 and $100 denominations are of Isla Robinson Crusoe (Juan Fernández Islands) . Visible on these two stamps is what appears to be a statue of a man. The final two stamps, both $1000 show Isla de Pascua (Easter Island), each with slightly different shape, possibly due to the date of the maps.

In addition to the map set, another issue from Chile for Christmas 2015 was also released. Assumed as a set of one, this $310 denominated stamp features the shape of Chile as the white trunk of a Christmas tree on a green background, with what appear to be various postmarks in red and white depicting the ornaments on the tree.

Recent New Issues from Argentina

Some recent issues from Argentina have come to our attention over the past few weeks. Thank you for your submissions. There has been some information on the new web store site from Argentine Post. If you have additional information or links, please tell us.

Argentina 2015 Ciudad Evita

Argentina 2015 Ciudad Evita Mini-sheet

In 2015, Argentine Post issued a mini-sheet showing an aerial view of the planned community, Ciudad Evita (Evita City). The mini-sheet contains two $25 Argentine Peso (ARS) denominated stamps on the left side. The upper stamp shows an image taken from a painting by Argentine artist Daniel Santoro entitled “The dream of home ownership (2009).  The lower stamp appears to be a photograph showing a street level view of two-story houses, probably from the planned community. The remainder of the sheet shows an aerial map view of Cuidad Evita, showing structures and areas of open parcels. Portions of the street network are embossed into the sheet. Some say that the layout of the community is in the silhouette of Evita Peron.  In 1997 the city was declared a National Historic Monument of Argentina.

Argentina 2015 ITU 150th Anniversary

Argentina 2015 ITU 150th Anniversary

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the International Telecommunica-tion Union (ITU), Argentine Post issued a single stamp depicting the ARSAT-1 the first geostationary communications satellite built and operated by Argentine organiza-tions.  The $10 ARS denomination shows the ARSAT-1 satellite orbiting the Earth, with the northern portion of the south american continent visible in the lower left corner of the stamp. In the lower right corner, is the ITU 150 year anniversary logo.

Argentina 2015-04-27 Trees

Argentina 2015-04-27

On April 27, 2015 Argentine Post issued a block of four stamps depicting the multiple uses of trees.  Four kind of trees are shown [Lapacho Rosado, Araucaria, Sauce, and Brea] along with various products obtained from the trees. These products include foods, liquids and various kinds of medicines.  Featured on each stamp is a map of Argentine provinces showing, what appears to be, the distribution of each tree species depicted shown in green on the map.  The perforated block of four stamps are all in a denomination of $6 ARS.

MoS Checklist Rev. 7 Released

Revision 7.0 of the Maps on Stamps (MoS) Checklist was released on December 1, 2015. This is a significant and major revision. Read more on the Checklist page.