Web Site Status

2013-12-30  (23:30 UTC)

After a discussion with the Officers, the Forum and CPS Exchange pages have been removed. Unfortunately the Forum was not largely used and became difficult to manage due to spam posts. The CPS Exchange was dormant for a number of years and did not take off as was hoped.  If you are interested in participating in an online philatelic community,  please have a look at these two, very fine forum sites: Stampboards, a very active, large and well established site, and also Stamp Exchange, a newer and increasingly active forum.   Please note that the CPS is not endorsing either of this forums, but only wanting to pass along this information to our members. There have also been updates to the base software which runs our site. Please use the contact form if you are having problems or any questions about our site.

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Revision 6 of the Maps on Stamps Checklist is complete

Revision 6.0 of the Maps on Stamps Checklist is now ready for distribution to members of the CartoPhilatelic Society. Since the last update of the Checklist in 2011, over 800 items have been added along with numerous corrections and clarifications. The Checklist comprises over 37,600 records representing over 38,500 individual stamps, souvenir sheets,  and other philatelic material.  When printed the Checklist is 783 pages in length including 6 pages of introductory material.

The Checklist is available for purchase only by current members of the CartoPhilatelic Society and is available  in both digital form, as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and in hardcopy format. Continue reading Revision 6 of the Maps on Stamps Checklist is complete

TNCP 43 Dispatched to Members

New Carto Philatelist Number 42 July 2013 Cover

The 43rd issue of the Society’s Journal, The New CartoPhilatelist, is filled with 20 pages of articles, news and images. Starting out this issue, are meteorologists Don Hillger and Garry Toth who take a look at The Earth as Seen from Space. Their detailed article traces the history of geostationary earth observation satellites and various full disk earth images as they are shown on a number of stamp issues. Be sure to check the author’s web site for a very comprehensive checklist of related issues. Continue reading TNCP 43 Dispatched to Members

Trial Use of New Shipping Method for Printed Journals

As many of our members know, we use HP’s MagCloud “print on demand” service for printing of the hardcopy TNCP journals. Recently we began investigating the use of MagCloud to also handle the packaging and shipping of those journals to our members. The shipping, to some members, of the October issue was carried out by MagCloud as a trial. While this has worked very well from initial feedback, we recently discovered that a few digital members may have received a printed October issue. We apologize to those digital members that were surprised upon receipt of a hardcopy issue. If you unexpectedly received a hardcopy issue, please keep it as an example of MagCloud’s high-quality printing service.  For those members that regularly receive a printed Journal, we would like to hear if there were any issues regarding the packaging or delivery of your October issue. Please contact us with your feedback.

Forthcoming Revision 6 of the Maps on Stamps Checklist

Revision 6 of the Maps on Stamps Checklist will be available by the end of October 2013.  It will include approximately 600 new issues plus the addition of many older issues that had been overlooked and numerous corrections, additions of catalog numbers and other updates.  It is expected that the printed version will be about 800 pages. The cost for a hardcopy version of the Checklist will be established after it is complete.  At that time all members will be notified through the journal and on the web site.  Contact Checklist Editor David Wolfersberger for more information.

100th Anniversary of the Belgium Royal Meteorological Institute

Belgium 2013-06-24

Belgium 2013-06-24

Fellow map stamp collector Julien writes from Europe to inform us of a very interesting and hidden map on the June 26, 2013 issue from Belgium Post which marks the 100th anniversary of the Belgium Royal Meteorological Institute and their forecasting of the weather.  The souvenir sheet shown below contains five stamps. Along the top edge of the sheet are a series of weather condition icons. The foreground of the sheet is covered by a large grassy hill, and in upper center is a single stamp which depicts the institute’s headquarters located in Uccle.  On the right side of the sheet is a researcher with a weather balloon and standing near an instrument station. Arranged along the bottom of the sheet are four evenly sized rectangle stamps depicting a tree with green foliage.  Around the trees, in the background of each stamp, are weather conditions marking each of the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Julien tells us that the hidden map can be found in the shape of the trees represent the outline of Belgium, rotated slightly counter-clockwise.   However, there is another interesting point about this sheet. When you press your finger on each of the trees, or when the temperature is more than 77F (25C)  the foliage of the trees will be transformed to a seasonal color and each tree will have a series of small images representing a common daily forecasts for each season visible in the leaves.  This is shown in the image below.  [ Thanks Julien for alerting us to this very important cartophilatelic issue!  We know of one other map sheet from Iceland (sc1162) issued in 2009 for the International Polar Year which has  a similar heat triggered coating, does anyone know of any others? — web admin ]

Detail of Belgium 2013-06-24 with temperature above 77F (25C)

Detail of Belgium 2013-06-24 with temperature above 77F (25C)