“Maps on Stamps” a New Detailed Introductory Article

"Maps on Stamps" an introductory article by Mark HonigEarlier in the spring of 2012, Mark Honig, our Society’s then vice-president wrote an introductory article entitled “Landkaarten op postzegels” that appeared in the April 2012 issue of the Dutch philatelic magazine “Thema,” published by NEDERLANDSE VERENIGING VOOR THEMATISCHE FILATELIE (NVTF) [The Dutch Society for Thematic Philately]. NVTF is the only general thematic philatelic society in the Netherlands with over 800 members.

NVTF has graciously allowed Mark to produce a revised translation of the original version of the article and we are very happy to offer it here, for download: Maps on Stamps Introduction Article 2012. You wont want to miss this detailed and colorful introduction to the various categories that await the new carto-philatelic collector. [The Carto-Philatelic Society wishes to thank NVTF for allowing this article to be translated and reach a wider audience. ]

Report on the 5th Meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society, October 2012

The 5th meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society was held in NYC on October 12, 2012 at the Collectors Club.  Nearly a dozen members were in attendance at the meeting.  Reports on membership status, Society finances, web site and future projects were presented by the members.  The meeting was productive and a good time was had by all. Plans for a forth coming meeting will be discussed in future issues of the Journal with subsequent news listed on the web site.

5th Meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society, October 12, 2012, Collector's Club NYC, USA

Submissions Deadline for TNCP #40

Just a quick, but important reminder for Journal submission dates. Our Editor, Martin Oakes, has chosen the following date as the deadline for article submissions to the Journal:

TNCP #40, January 2013, submission deadline: December 10, 2012

If you are interested in submitting an article please contact our Editor, Martin Oakes as soon as possible.

The “TNCP Style Sheet – Instructions to Authors” has been updated, so please download a revised copy before starting to author an article.

Remember there are many options for Journal content and Martin will be happy to discuss them with you. The list three issues of the Journal have been 20 pages. This is due to the wonderful amount of content that members have been submitting. The added pages will continue, as long as there is sufficient material available. Remember if you have feedback, please be sure to share with Martin or use the general Society contact form.

Issues 34 & 35 contained a translated article that was first published in French, in another philatelic journal. As the Society is international in scope, we have various members that can sometimes volunteer translation resources. For those of you that have non-english articles and would like to see them translated and published in The New CartoPhilatelist please contact our Editor Martin Oakes.

Enjoy those autumn evenings more by writing an article for
The New CartoPhilatelist!

“Atlas of Vatican CartoPhilately” Article Series Now Available

“Atlas of Vatican CartoPhilately” Article Series Now Available

Vatican Notes - Atlas of Vatican CartoPhilatelyIn late 2011 we learned of a series of articles about Vatican CartoPhilately published in Vatican Notes. These articles were written by James Hamilton, a member of the Vatican Philatelic Society and a recent new member of our Society. The thrid article in the series has been published and we have obtained permission from James and the Vatican Philatelic Society to make that series available for download on our web site. The articles provide an indepth look at cartophilatelic issues from the Vatican. James has begun another series of articles entitled, “Captain James Cook CartoPhilately” that will be published in The New CartoPhilatelist.

In recent issues of Vatican Notes, the official journal of the Vatican Philatelic Society, there have been two in-depth articles on Vatican CartoPhilately. The articles, are written by James Hamilton, a member of the Vatican Philatelic Society and also a new member of our Society. James is also an Arago volunteer who has written numerous articles on Vatican City philately. In a recent interview on the Arago web site, James recalls his childhood interest in stamps and how he “quickly became interested in stamps from Europe and used an atlas to locate the issuing countries, thereby learning geography as well.” A similar view, perhaps held by many fellow cartophilatelists. Later in the interview, James mentions that Arago’s online exhibit of “Allan Lee’s Maps on Stamps Volume 6 was spectacular.” Jame’s article “Atlas of Vatican City Carto-philately” is divided into three parts. Part one considers maps on stamps or postal cards of the world Europe and Italy. Part two looks at maps of the Western Hemisphere, Africa the Near and Far East. Part Three considers topographical maps, historical travels on maps and outlines of continents or count ires on stamps. Part one was published in Second Quarter 2011, Vol. 59, No. 348, and Part two in Third Quarter 2011, Vol. 59, No. 349 of Vatican Notes. We will have an update once the third part in the series has been published.

USA ‘Earthscapes’ Issue Features Aerial and Satellite Imagery

USA 2012-10-01

USA 2012-10-01

On October 1st, 2012, the US Postal Service issued a new sheet of Forever stamps featuring fifteen aerial views of landscapes. Two of the stamps are images from the Landsat 7 satellite. The sheet was released October 1 to kick off National Stamp Collecting Month, and portrays a number of landscapes as viewed from heights of several hundred feet above the Earth to several hundred miles in space. The sheet contains imagery in three categories: natural, agricultural, and urban. The two stamps that feature Landsat images Volcanic Crater and Center-pivot irrigation — depict a natural disaster site, Mount Saint Helens, and an agricultural practice that is common in the Garden City, Kansas area. As part of the Landsat 40th Anniversary Celebration this summer, the USGS and NASA held an online contest in which more 14,000 people voted on their Top Five favorite Earth as Art images.

TNCP Journal Takes Vermeil at APS Sacramento Stamp Show

TNCP - Vermeil Award - APS StampShow - August 2012

The New Carto-Philatelist Journal has won a Vermeil award at the APS Stamp Show in Sacramento, California that was held from August 16-19, 2012. A very special acknowledgement and round of applause for our Editor, Mr. Martin Oakes, and for all of the authors who have worked so hard to support TNCP every issue! The Society has also entered TNCP at the CHICAGO-PEX 2012 that will
take place from
November 16-18, 2012.