Outer Islands of Indonesia Sheet

On November 10, 2008 Indonesia Post issued a set of stamps depicting various small and outer islands “Pulau-pulau Kecil Terluar / The Small Outermost Islands” in the Indonesian chain of islands. The stamps feature a photograph of the island, and a locator map. A full sheet of stamps,

Indonesia 2009-11-10

Indonesia 2008-11-10

shown above, contains 16 stamps in four sets for four different designs. In the center of the full sheet is a large detailed map of Indonesia with the names of many of the outter islands, and red lines indicating which islands are shown in the stamps. A smaller size sheet containg only the 16 stamps without the large center map was also issued. The detailed map in the center of the full sheet will be of keen interest to fellow CartoPhilatelists.

Republic of Latvia Marks 90th Anniversary

Latvia 2008-11-07

Latvia 2008-11-07

On November 7, 2008 Latvian Post issued a single stamp that commemorates the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Latvia on November 18, 1918. The stamp shows the Latvian Coat of Arms overlaid on the national flag in the shape of the country boundary. This issue of 500,000 stamps is printed in sheets of ten by Cartor Security Printing.

Marginalia: July 2008 Identification of Unknown Map on Vatican mini-sheet

Article Number 10:  Identification of Unknown Map on Vatican sc1008

New Submission July 2008,  Research, text and scans by Miklos Pinther

Our tenth Marginalia article submitted by Society President Emeritus Miklos Pinther sheds some light on a previously unknown map.  –web admin

In 2005 David Wolfersberger originally asked me about the world map depicted on the Vatican City’s special souvenir sheet (scott 1008) which was issued for the China 1996 Philatelic Show. Both Dan Nelson and I searched the sources we knew, and I asked some other map historians, but unfortunately, no information was available about the cartographer or the publisher. The results of the searching showed that this “unknown map” was also of specific interest of those who collect antique maps on stamps. A number of suggestions were offered, but since several editions of very similar designs are known, the precise source of this particular map remained an enigma.

Vatican City, sc 1008, March 15, 1996

What we do know about this fine souvenir sheet, shown below, comes from an article about this issue that appeared in the May 1996 journal of Vatican Notes. The article states that the souvenir sheet, issued on March 15, 1996, measures 138 x 100 mm, and features a world map in two hemispheres, with the right hemisphere depicting Marco Polo’s return route to Venice. The map was copied from a volume preserved in the Pontifical Lateran Library. Along the top of the sheet are the coat of arms of Vatican City, the logo of the International Philatelic Exhibition “CHINA ‘96”, and an inscription in Italian and Chinese. At the lower center is a perforated 2,000 Lire stamp which features Marco Polo, taken from the first printed edition of Il Millione, the account of the travels of Marco Polo. The issue size was 300,000 souvenir sheets with printing carried out by Helio Courvoisier S.A. of Switzerland on white chalky paper in color rotogravure.

Now, thanks to the kind intercession of Dr. Roberto Rossetti, a former legal adviser to the United Nations and personal aquaintance, who has sent the following information which has been kindly provided by Dr. Laura Ciolli, DeputyLibrarian of Pontifical Lateran University Library in Rome.

The map in question is entitled:

Rapresentato in due Planisferi E nuouamente coretta e in piu parte Aumentata secondo le Relatione piu recente

Prepared by N. Sanson (Nicolas Sanson of Abbeville,1600-1667), engraved by Gio. Lhuilier (Joannes Lhuilier), and published in 1684 by Gio. Iacomo de Rossi (Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi) printing workshop of Rome. This map is the first of a set of maps in a bound edition of 47 x 34 cm size. Other maps in order are of Europe, Asia, Africa, Italy and the Lazio region, as well as of other subjects and of various dimensions. The Library’s volume bears a mark “SA”, meaning that it originally belonged to the convent of Saint Bonifacio and Alessio on Aventine Hill.

Mr. Pinther and the CartoPhilatelic Society are grateful to Dr. Rossetti and Dr. Ciolli for providing this information.


Thomas I. Crimando, “New Issues” in Vatican Notes, volume 44, no. 6, May 1996, pp. 4-5., The Vatican Philatelic Society. http://www.vaticanphilately.org

Additional Notes:

Both Dan Nelson and Miklos searched extensively on the Internet for the map depicted in the souvenir sheet but it does not seem to be online. If anyone knows of an online version of the true map shown in the souvenir sheet, please inform Mr. Pinther.

An interesting resource for a number of old maps is the EU’s digmap project, but I am not sure of the status of the project, beyond the search interface and the digmap wiki site.

More information about philatelic issues from the Vatican can be found at the Vatican Philatelic Office.

Unfortunately, I could not find an image of Nicolas Sanson. Perhaps someone can help?

–web admin

Report on the Third CartoPhilatelic Society Meeting in Sarasota, Feb, 2008

The CarotPhilatelic Society held its 3rd meeting on February 2nd, 2008 at the Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition in Sarasota Florida. There were six members from the Society present at the meeting.

The first order of business was the Secretary/Treasurer Report. This report is detailed in the New CartoPhilatelist Journal, #21, April 2008

During the meeting Miklos raised the subject of a second volume in the Society’s Occasional Publication series and presented a copy of “Old European Road Maps” from the Postal History Journal (1980), which perhaps could be used as the basis for the second volume.

Another idea was to follow up on a reported sixth volume that Walter Klinefelter had in preparation at the time of his death. Al met his daughter recently and will contact her to see if there is anything there that perhaps we could take on and complete.

These discussions will move to the new Society member’s forum where they can be further discussed.

Martin Oakes was introduced as the new editor of the New CartoPhilatelist.

David reported that Revision 4 of the Maps on Stamps checklist is ready to go with only minor corrections being made. An announcement will be in the next issue of the TNCP. Several issues were raised about the Checklist:

David reported that were a couple of members interested in putting the Checklist into some type of database system, however there will be some tradeoffs in doing this. This discussion also, has started on the new Society member’s forum.

David also delivered a presentation sent from Reese concerning the Society’s web site. The report gave details into the differences between the two sites which the Society has and provides an overview of some new revisions and enhancements to the sites.

The next topic for discussion was Exhibiting, lead by Miklos. He presented a paper with a lot of information on exhibiting, including rules on exhibiting from the FIP and APS. Miklos mentioned several reasons for exhibiting and suggested that both individual and a Society exhibits might be in order.

Mark made a very interesting presentation on Maps on Gutters. Numerous examples from many countries were presented. David then concluded the formal meeting with a short presentation on map stamps of the Military Order of Malta.

A very nice sales/trading session followed with many of us adding to our collections.

Friday evening the Society group met at the Boathouse Restaurant at the Hyatt for a very nice dinner. The Saturday evening dinner was at Mariana Jack, an interesting place not far from the Hyatt. A wonderful time was had by everyone with plenty of talk and discussion.

All present agreed that meeting every two years would be appropriate. Two suggestions were made: One of the ASDA Mega-Shows in New York City, or the London 2010 Festival of Stamps (May 8-15, 2010, Islington). There seemed to be more favor for NYC since that would hopefully allow for more attendees.

We look forward to meeting more of our Society members at a future meeting.



Marginalia: February 2008 A Small Map Find

Article Number 9:  A Small Map Find, Jersey sc183

New Submission February 2008,  Research, text and scans by David Wolfersberger

Our ninth Marginalia article was originally submitted in Feb. 2008 by then Society President David Wolfersberger is in regards to an interesting map discovery on Jersey sc183.  –web admin

 Stamp World London 1990 Booklet, Front Cover
sc 491, sc487 and sc480

 Stamp World London 1990 Booklet, Back Cover
showing a map of Jersey’s location.
 100th Anniversary of the Royal Jersey Golf Club, 1989

While looking through my small collection of golf related stamps, I came across a £4.20 booklet issued by Jersey in 1989. The booklet contains 12 each 18p (Scott 491), 14p (487) and 4p (480) stamps. This booklet commemorates several things:  Stamp World London 1990, the 21st anniversary of the Jersey Post Office (1969-90), and the fourth set featuring “Scenes of Jersey”. The 18p shows the sunset over Corbiere Lighthouse; 14p has St. Ouens Bay; and the 4p shows golfers on a green at the Royal Jersey Golf Club.

The cartophilatelic connection is a nice map on the back cover of the booklet showing the English Channel and the locations and names of all of the Channel Islands. A few locations in England and France are also noted.

What is interesting is that this is not the first time this map has been used. In 1978 Jersey issued a set of 4 stamps marking the 100th anniversary of the Royal Jersey Golf Club. This set of 4 was issued in a small folder and on the back cover of this folder is the same map as on the 1989 booklet. One of the stamps, Scott 183, shown below, has a nice map of the golf course.

The Royal Jersey Golf Club is located on the east coast of Jersey on the Royal Bay of Grouville. google maps link



Picture of Harry Vardon from US LOC circa 1910

Harry Vardon, one of the best and most famous golfers in the history of the game was born near the Royal Jersey Golf Club, a fact that is commemorated at the course by a small stone monument and a statue of Vardon.

The 1978 set shows the statue as well as other items relating to Vardon.

While not a stamp, maps such as the one on the back of this booklet cover are a nice addition to a maps on stamps collection.