Report on the First Meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society, October 2004

The first meeting of the New CartoPhilatelic Society took place in New York City on October 15, 2004. Here are some pictures from the first meeting, courtesy of David Wolfersberger.

The CartoPhilatelic Society held their first meeting in New York City while the ASDA Mega Event is taking place. The Mega Event details (at the time) were:  American Stamp Dealers Association, Fall 2004 Postage Stamp Mega Event, Jacob Javits Convention Center, Hall E, 11th Ave. and 35th Street, New York, NY 10001, October 14-17, 2004



Schedule of Events:  Friday, October 15, 2004

Thanks to Miklos Pinther, a tour of the United Nations (UN) headquarters, including the UN Map Library has been arranged, as well as tour of the New York Public Library Map Library.

Miklos has also arranged for us to meet at the Collectors Club. Thanks to Miklos for all of his help!

The proposed schedule is:

October 15, 2004
10:00 am: Tour UN including Map Library. Then walk to New York Public Library to tour their Map Library.

After tours, free for lunch, the ASDA Mega Event or other activities

3:30 pm: Meet at The Collectors Club, 22 East 35th St. (

Tour and orientation of the Collectors Club: (Miklos Pinther)

Business meeting (Alf Jordan and David Wolfersberger)

Meeting Agenda

  1. Organization: do we want bylaws and a constitution as the old group had? (DW/AJ)
  2. Checklist status and update (DW)
  3. CartoPhilatelist Index Project: State and update (AJ)
  4. Membership (DW/AJ)
  5. Financial status (AJ)
  6. Journal & distribution (AJ)
  7. Future meetings (DW)
  8. Presentation by a member, if we get a volunteer! (45 minutes)
  9. Open discussion on grading (DW) Bring your examples to discuss! (15 minutes)
  10. Sharing of collections/stamps by members – bring your stamps to share. (30 minutes) Note: The Collectors Club has displays cases available to display frames or collections.

5:30 pm: Cocktails at the Collectors Club

Evening: Dinner at Yale Club arranged by Alf Jordan