Retirement of The New CartoPhilatelist Journal Editor – Martin Oakes

Martin Oakes Editorship Retirement
Martin Oakes

After many years of service, Martin Oakes must relinquish his position as Editor of The New CartoPhilatelist (TNCP) Journal. In a group such as ours, the journal is the lifeline, the major method to communicate with members, to share research, to keep up- to-date. Martin did an outstanding job for all these years; he will be missed and will be hard to replace. Martin took over as Editor with the April 2008 edition. Over the ensuing 12 years, he edited an amazing 50 issues. He dedicated countless hours to assembling these issues, as well as contributing articles when there was insufficient material available.  Martin was born in London, England and like many of us, Martin started collecting stamps at a young age, then put collecting aside as he pursued his education and began his work career.  A friend at one of his jobs re-introduced him to stamp collecting and for over 50 years he specialized in Great Britain, a collection that grew to 40 volumes. Martin and his wife relocated to the United States in the late 1960s when he accepted a position with a major electronics company in Indianapolis, Indiana. During this working years he developed an interest in map stamps and joined the CartoPhilatelic Society.  When the group was revived in 2003, he was invited to help design the logos we now use and wrote an article for TNCP 1, “Oh, What a Relief It Is.” The Society and its members were privileged to have Martin as our Editor for so long. Please join us in congratulating him for contributions to cartophilately and our Society.  Thank you Martin and best wishes!

e-delivery dispatch of TNCP #65

Digital subscribers receive a quarterly email from Journal Editor Martin Oakes with a link for downloading the newest edition of Society’s award winning Journal, The NewCartoPhilatelist. A few issues back, we began investigating the use of a an e-delivery service for sending those links, however the results were not suitable. Beginning with the April 2019 issue #65, Martin will now be sending those email messages directly from the CPS domain using the email address  In order to not miss an issue, be sure to approve the delivery of messages from that address. We believe this will alleviate a number of delivery issues that some of our digital subscribers were experiencing.  Please use the contact form to send Martin any questions or feedback on the updated e-delivery method.

The New CartoPhilatelist Journal Receives Award at StampShow 2018

    APS/ATA StampShow 2018
Vermeil Literature Award

The Society’s flagship Journal, The NewCartoPhilatelist (TNCP), has received a Vermeil award at the recent APS/ATA StampShow 2018 held in Columbus Ohio during August 2018. Under the direction of Editor Martin Oakes, TNCP competed against a group of 19 other philatelic society journals.  The officers of the Society would like to congratulate Martin on his editorial leadership in consistently providing our members with the one of the finest topical journals available today. In addition, it is also important to acknowledge the authors, who have written articles and provided content for our Journal over the years.

If you have not submitted an article for the Journal now would be great time! Articles of any length are always needed. Please see the Journal submission guidelines or contact the Editor with any questions. The Journal can always use articles and content so please consider to write an article! Our deadline for the October 2018 issue is September 21.

Submissions Deadline for TNCP #51

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Just a quick, but very important reminder for Journal submission dates. Our Editor, Martin Oakes, has chosen the following date as the deadline for article submissions to the Journal:

TNCP #51, October 2015, submission deadline:  September 18, 2015

If you are interested in submitting an article please contact our Editor, Martin Oakes as soon as possible.  Martin has indicated that content is needed for this issue, so please consider this and contact Martin with your ideas for a submission. 

Before beginning your article, please download a copy of the “TNCP Style Sheet – Instructions to Authors.

Remember there are many options for Journal content and Martin will be happy to discuss them with you. Recent issues of the Journal have been 20 or sometimes 24 pages. This is due to the wonderful amount of content that members have been submitting. The added pages will continue, as long as there is sufficient material available. Remember if you have feedback, please be sure to share with Martin or use the general contact form.

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50th Issue of TNCP Dispatched to Members

The 50th issue of The New CartoPhilatelist, the Society’s award winning journal has been dispatched to members.  There was a slight delay while we worked to add a number of new and renewing members to our mail list.  The 50th edition of the journal is a milestone and proof over the years of our Society’s active membership and dedicated editors. Congratulations to all of you that have supported TNCP with articles. Dont stop now, you are only getting started and there is always space for more articles, no matter the size.

The 50th edition of TNCP begins with an article by Ap Koopman on the fascinating stamps of Hatay a very short-lived stamp issuing country. Next, James Hamilton continues his third installment of  the cartophilatelic issues of  St. Pierre and Miquelon.  “Routes on Map Stamps,” is the title and theme of a multi-part article from Barry Garner. The first part examines land routes depicted on stamps and details a number of classic examples.  President Emeritus Miklos Pinter takes a time out to tell us about some additional information about the air route depicted on French Morocco Sc# CB35. Next up is the second installment of Editor Martin Oakes’ article about map projections on stamps, filled with examples of many intricate projections and their matching stamp issues. Vice President David Wolfersberger highlights a number of recent new issues, so many over the past few months. An update to the Maps on Stamps Checklist is also included in the journal.  The issue closes with a message from CPS President Mark Honig welcoming a number of new and renewing members and also a new treasurer for the Society, Mr. Phil Coop and gives a big “Thank you” to Ed Vallery, out-going treasurer, for his work and dedication over these past years.

TNCP Archive Updates

The Member’s Only TNCP Archive has been updated with the last three issues. The Table of Contents listings have also been updated.  The TNCP Archive is available to current members. Contact the Editor or web admin if you have forgotten the login credentials. [Journal Nos. 47 and  No. 48 were dispatched promptly in early October and December. TNCP No. 48 is an expanded issue of 24 pages. Please see the Table of Contents listings for information on these very interesting and richly detailed issues. – web admin]