Index CartoPhilatelica — A Comprehensive Index to the Society’s Journals is Now Available

Index CartoPhilatelica is an exciting new resource from the CartoPhilatelic Society.  Compiled by fellow cartophilatelist and CPS Officer Brian Marshall, of New Zealand, this multi-year project set out to develop a comprehensive subject and personal reference index to the Carto-Philatelist and The New CartoPhilatelist journals.  Index CartoPhilatelica contains indexed content from all the issues of the Carto-Philatelist (1955-03 through 1995-12) and issues of The New CartoPhilatelist (2003-03 through 2020-07 [No. 70]). An announcement for Index CartoPhilatelica appeared in the January (No. 72) edition of The New CartoPhilatelist. A digital (PDF) version of the index is now ready for download on the Index CartoPhilatelica web page. [ “Index CartoPhilatelica is an open resource that will soon become an indispensable tool for research projects by both members of the CartoPhilatelic Society as well as philatelists outside of the group.” – Mark Honig, President, the CartoPhilatelic Society. ]

New Resource: Gilad’s Searchable Collection of Maps on Stamps

Sample Output from
Gilad’s Maps on Stamps Website

CPS member Gilad Aharoni has complied a very comprehensive website of modern political maps on stamps.  The site enables browsing via lists of countries or issuing entities. A keyword search function is also included. The search results are presented in a very clean layout style depicting an album page. Catalog numbers exist for many of the images.  Additionally, links to eBay and Delcampe are present for more exhaustive searches.  Gilad comments, “… this database represents my personal interests – modern political maps – so there are very few globes, antique maps, world and continent outlines etc. … still, there are over 10,000 items [comprised of]  postage stamps, cinderellas, FDCs, cancels with maps, and more.  The image on the left shows an example of output from one of the pages. “ [ we expect this site will become a very useful research tool for Cartophilatelists! thank you Gilad for your tireless efforts over the years developing this site! – web admin ]


Carto-Philatelist Digital Archive Now Online

The Carto-Philatelist Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1 and
Vol. 40, Nos. 3-4, 1955 – 1995

The eagerly awaited Carto-Philatelist Journal Digital Archive is now online and accessible to members of the CartoPhilatelic Society.

Established in 1955 by a small group of avid topical map stamp collectors, the CartoPhilatelic Society is soon approaching its 65th year anniversary as an organized society. From its inception, the members of the Society have published an official Journal.

Although the Society has existed for more than sixty years, early editions of the Society’s Journal, The Carto-Philatelist, have been surprisingly difficult to acquire. There is a massive amount of detailed research gathered by Society members and others locked away in the printed pages of the early issues. Those original Journals also offer a unique window into the past operations of the Society through the often-exciting biographical sketches of the members, their communications with the Society, and the witty commentary of the Editors. A full run of the Society’s earlier Journals provides exciting reading spanning the last half century.

The officers along with some earlier members of the Society pursued the idea to make the original Carto-Philatelist Journals available using Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF). A complete set of Journals was assembled, digitally scanned, and converted to PDF format. The archive comprises 165 individual issues and over 3,840 pages.  The members only, password protected archive can be accessed from this link or using the “Publications” menu on the Society’s web site. [ The CPS thanks all of the members who donated issues and scans over the years to help make this archive a reality. – admin ]

Cumulative Tables of Contents Listings Ready for Download

Just in time to help with a new year of CartoPhilatelic research, the Cumulative Tables of Contents (CTC) listings, complied by our European Representative, Mr. Volker Woesner, and  introduced on page 19 of the January 2017 TNCP #56 are ready for download! Learn more about these important resources. The CTC lists will continue to be available for open download through the “Publications” menu. [we look forward to your feedback -web admin] 

‘On the Map – Or Perhaps Not!’ Cartophilatelic Article Featured in July 2015 GSM

GSM July 2015, N. Davenhill, "On the Map - Or Perhaps Not!"

GSM July 2015, N. Davenhill, “On the Map – Or Perhaps Not!”

The July 2015 issue of Gibbons Stamp Monthly features a richly illustrated cartophilatelic article by Noel Davenhill entitled On the Map — or Perhaps Not! The five page article “charts a course around the Commonwealth to seek out examples issued by Britain’s former colonies, dependencies and protectorates” examining a number of important map stamps prior to 1970. The author begins in the Mediterranean, looking at the 1928 issue from Cyprus and then “travels” south on the African continent, examining some of the early Commonwealth issues, mentioning a number of interesting facts. Leaving Africa, the Caribbean is the next stop, providing details about issues from Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands and Anguilla.  After a brief stop in South America to examine issues from British Guiana, the article examines a number of important issues from commonwealth members in the Pacific.  Moving to South East Asia,  the article contrasts the differences in issues from North Borneo.  Next stop is the Indian Ocean where the author highlights coordinate errors on an early Mauritius issue and also notes positional discrepancies on early Seychelles issues.  The article ends in the South Atlantic with a comparison of the issues from Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena, the Falklands and their dependencies.  [with thanks to CPS President Mark Honig for the first page image and written description;  member Tom H. from Norway tells us that there is a Gibbons Stamp Monthly as an Apple app, downloadable from the app store, where you can buy a single issue, approx USD 6 USD or possible to subscribe. The article is on page 124. Thanks Tom! – admin]

New CartoPhilatelic Reference: World History of Maps: Explorers and Map Makers

T. Nishiumi, "World History of Maps - Explorers and Map Makers"

T. Nishiumi, “World History of Maps – Explorers and Map Makers,” 2008

A foreign cartophilatelic reference has recently been brought to our attention. A Japanese book entitled World History of Maps: Explorers and Map Makers by Mr. T. Nishiumi was published in 2008. Mr. Nishiumi won a Large Vermeil at Brasiliana 2013, with a score of 89 points. The book, written in Japanese, contains concise text and superb full-color reproductions of over 400 stamps. The subject matter and selection of the states are based on exhibits prepared by the author, many of which have won international Silver and Gold Awards.  As the instructional value of Nishiumi’s book is of merit for those who contemplate the preparation of similar exhibits or the compilation of a related collection,  a comprehensive checklist of the illustrated stamps has been prepared.  This page-by-page inventory, is separated by the chapter titles translated into English and follows the style of our Maps on Stamps (MoS) Checklist. The list may also be used as a reading guide for those who decide to purchase the book. The list is available as an Excel spreadsheet for download. Those who wish to purchase the book outside Japan can use the Kinokuniya web site.