Index CartoPhilatelica — A Comprehensive Index to the Society’s Journals is Now Available

Index CartoPhilatelica is an exciting new resource from the CartoPhilatelic Society.  Compiled by fellow cartophilatelist and CPS Officer Brian Marshall, of New Zealand, this multi-year project set out to develop a comprehensive subject and personal reference index to the Carto-Philatelist and The New CartoPhilatelist journals.  Index CartoPhilatelica contains indexed content from all the issues of the Carto-Philatelist (1955-03 through 1995-12) and issues of The New CartoPhilatelist (2003-03 through 2020-07 [No. 70]). An announcement for Index CartoPhilatelica appeared in the January (No. 72) edition of The New CartoPhilatelist. A digital (PDF) version of the index is now ready for download on the Index CartoPhilatelica web page. [ “Index CartoPhilatelica is an open resource that will soon become an indispensable tool for research projects by both members of the CartoPhilatelic Society as well as philatelists outside of the group.” – Mark Honig, President, the CartoPhilatelic Society. ]