Web site Status 2015-08-24

2015-08-24: Updated the Maps on Stamps Checklist page with correct address and email information.
2015-08-22: All of the new issue posts from the “New Issues Blog” have been moved to this site. After a while the “New Issues Blog” will be turned off and new issue posts will always reside on the main site.
2015-08-19: Some of the plugins that our site uses have compatibility issues with the new WordPress 4.3 update.  If you run into some problems with the site, please use the contact form or email the web admin. Thank you.

TNCP Archive Updates

The Member’s Only TNCP Archive has been updated with the last three issues. The Table of Contents listings have also been updated.  The TNCP Archive is available to current members. Contact the Editor or web admin if you have forgotten the login credentials. [Journal Nos. 47 and  No. 48 were dispatched promptly in early October and December. TNCP No. 48 is an expanded issue of 24 pages. Please see the Table of Contents listings for information on these very interesting and richly detailed issues. – web admin]

Web Site Status

2013-12-30  (23:30 UTC)

After a discussion with the Officers, the Forum and CPS Exchange pages have been removed. Unfortunately the Forum was not largely used and became difficult to manage due to spam posts. The CPS Exchange was dormant for a number of years and did not take off as was hoped.  If you are interested in participating in an online philatelic community,  please have a look at these two, very fine forum sites: Stampboards, a very active, large and well established site, and also Stamp Exchange, a newer and increasingly active forum.   Please note that the CPS is not endorsing either of this forums, but only wanting to pass along this information to our members. There have also been updates to the base software which runs our site. Please use the contact form if you are having problems or any questions about our site.

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