Maps on Stamps Checklist Rev. 9 Ready for Shipping

Checklist Editor David Wolfersberger has been busy working to finalize a major update of the Maps on Stamps Checklist and he is happy to report the new update is ready to ship.

This update includes the addition of over 700 new or previously overlooked issues, numerous corrections, and the addition of missing data such as catalogue numbers, coverage and grade. The updated Checklist has over 40,000 entries.

Revision 9 contains all Checklist Updates through 2020 MoS Checklist Update 01 as posted on our website.

CPS Member Wins Awards at NTSS2019

CPS member Roger Van Laere NTSS 2019 Award
Roger Van Laere (center) accepting his award

Congratulations are in order to CartoPhilatelic Society member Roger Van Laere who won two awards at the recent NTSS2019 / StampShow, held in Omaha, Nebraska, in August 2019. Roger’s exhibits the “History of the Borders of Peru and Bolivia” and “Atlantic Puffin: Icon of the Isle of Lundy” both in the NTSS multiframe category, won Gold and Large Vermeil awards respectively.  The photo also shows APS President Robert Zeigler (L) and APS Executive Director Scott English (R).  Nice work Roger!   — CPS Officers

Closed Album: Mr. Ulrich Mailand

Mr. Ulrich Mailand
   Mr. Ulrich Mailand

We were recently informed of the passing of Mr. Ulrich Mailand, on February 18, 2019. Mr. Mailand was the long-time honorary chairman of the German cartophilatelic group “Maps, Land surveying, and Discovery History of the Earth,” [Landkarten – Vermessung – Entdeckungsgeschichte der Erde], and fellow member of the CartoPhilatelic Society.  An engineer and geodesist by trade, he was the head of the land registry office in the city of Gutersloh, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.  Mr. Mailand was active with the German cartophilatelic group for many years, serving as its first chairman from 1987 until 2012. From 1994 to 2006 he was editor of the group’s Circulars journal in addition to serving as the treasurer.  In April 2017, during the group’s anniversary celebration, Mr. Mailand was recognized with a certificate to honor his years of excellent service. While Mr. Mailands contributions over the years to cartophilately were many, he will, in particular, be remembered for his late work “Philatelic Register of all Significant Persons of Cartography , Geodesy, and Earth Discovery“ [Philatelistischen Register Bedeutender Personen der Kartographie, Geodasie und Entdeckungsgeschichte der Erde].  Thank you Ulrich for working beyond language barriers and promoting our activities to the members of the German cartophilatelic group.  – Officers of the CartoPhilatelic Society

e-delivery dispatch of TNCP #65

Digital subscribers receive a quarterly email from Journal Editor Martin Oakes with a link for downloading the newest edition of Society’s award winning Journal, The NewCartoPhilatelist. A few issues back, we began investigating the use of a an e-delivery service for sending those links, however the results were not suitable. Beginning with the April 2019 issue #65, Martin will now be sending those email messages directly from the CPS domain using the email address  In order to not miss an issue, be sure to approve the delivery of messages from that address. We believe this will alleviate a number of delivery issues that some of our digital subscribers were experiencing.  Please use the contact form to send Martin any questions or feedback on the updated e-delivery method.

Closed Album: Rev. Diedrik “Dan” Nelson

 Closed Album: Rev. Dan Nelson
Rev. Diedrik “Dan” Nelson

It is with sadness that we report the passing of long time CPS Journal Editor and dedicated fellow CartoPhilatelist Rev. Diedrik “Dan” Nelson on Nov 5, 2018. Dan was a long-time philatelist whose interests extended to a number of other fascinating thematic topics that he collected. Dan was a member of APS and the Sioux Falls Stamp Club for over 20 years as well as an officer of the club for a time. With the help of his son Chris, Dan complied and maintained the comprehensive web site “Dan’s Topicals” ( which Chris has continued to maintain. Dan became the second editor of The New CartoPhilatelist Journal, a couple of years after Bill Critzer and David Wolfersberger organized a rejuvenation of the Society. Dan served as Editor for many years, growing and guiding the Journal. With his son, Dan assembled and scanned a collection of the original Carto Philatelist Journals which are now available for access on the Society’s web site. An avid genealogist with an inquisitive mind Dan was always helpful and available for philatelic discussions and provided the newly reorganized group with a grounded direction for the future. Later in life as medical conditions took their toll and Dan was unable to communicate as frequently as before, we were happy to know from his son that he continually enjoyed receiving and reading TNCP and was happy to know that the CPS was growing. Thank you Dan, for your support and dedication to help make CPS what it is today.  –Officers of the CartoPhilatelic Society

The New CartoPhilatelist Journal Receives Award at StampShow 2018

    APS/ATA StampShow 2018
Vermeil Literature Award

The Society’s flagship Journal, The NewCartoPhilatelist (TNCP), has received a Vermeil award at the recent APS/ATA StampShow 2018 held in Columbus Ohio during August 2018. Under the direction of Editor Martin Oakes, TNCP competed against a group of 19 other philatelic society journals.  The officers of the Society would like to congratulate Martin on his editorial leadership in consistently providing our members with the one of the finest topical journals available today. In addition, it is also important to acknowledge the authors, who have written articles and provided content for our Journal over the years.

If you have not submitted an article for the Journal now would be great time! Articles of any length are always needed. Please see the Journal submission guidelines or contact the Editor with any questions. The Journal can always use articles and content so please consider to write an article! Our deadline for the October 2018 issue is September 21.