CPS to Meet at StampShow 2018

StampShow 2018The 7th meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society is scheduled to be held during the joint American Topical Association (ATA)/American Philatelic Society (APS)  StampShow 2018, in Columbus Ohio USA, August 9-12, 2018. The date and time for the meeting along with the proposed agenda, will be announced later. This will be a great show, with about 100 dealers and 900 exhibit frames, plus many seminars and society meetings.  Details about the show, including hotel reservations, are available at https://stamps.org/STAMPSHOW-SS.

Help is also needed to staff the ATA booth on the show floor. If you plan on attending during the week and can volunteer an hour or two, that would be greatly appreciated. Please contact David Wolfersberger if you plan to attend StampShow 2018, and if you can help at the ATA booth. We look forward to seeing you in Columbus this August!

Report on the 6th Meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society, May 2016

NY 2016 LogoCPS Meeting
The 6th meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society took place on May 29, 2016 in New York City, during the 2016 World Stamp Show.  Close to a dozen members and interested visitors attended the meeting held at the Javits Convention Center, venue of the 2016 World Stamp Show.  Four presentations were given during the two hour meeting. CPS President Mark Honig delivered “Maps on Stamps” a colorful and comprehensive presentation by CPS President Emeritus and meeting organizer Miklos Pinther who, unfortunately, was unable to be present that day.  This was followed by TNCP Journal Editor Martin Oakes’ presentation of “Don’t Lick the Stamp” an illustrative lecture on organizing and writing up a collection. In addition Martin presented “CPS Web Status Report” prepared by CPS web administrator Reese Plews, detailing status of some of the web site related updates and projects. Discussion time was available after the presentations.

CPS Booth
In addition to the meeting on May 29th, the Society occupied a booth in the “Society and Study Groups” area of the conference center. It was the first time that the CPS had a booth during a show and we want to thank NYC member Richard Ropiak and all the other volunteers who helped staff the booth during the show.  Attendance at the booth was steady and  many CPS membership brochures were distributed. Displays of a large binder containing the printed version of the Maps on Stamps Rev. 7 Checklist along with the Society’s OP#1 “America on the Map” were also the focus of much interest from the visitors.  A couple of  new members were recruited during the eight day event.

CPS Members Win Awards
Two members of the Society exhibited during the show and both won awards. Mr. Takao Nishiumi from Japan won a Gold Medal for his exhibit entitled “The History of  Cartography-Mapping the World and Regions,” and Mr. Roger Van Laere from Belgium won a Large Silver Medal for his exhibit entitled “Peruvian Prehistory.” Congratulations to both Takao and Roger!  [ if we have missed any other members who exhibited, please let us know! ]  On Friday June 3rd, the American Topical Association held their meeting and one of the highlights was the awarding of the Distinguished Topical Philatelist for 2016 to CPS member Mr. Bob Lamb.

The CPS President and Officers would like to thank Mr. Miklos Pinther and Mr. Richard Ropiak for helping to organize our Society’s attendance during the show and making it a success. Also, a special thanks to so many members and people who visited the both to say hello and show your support for the Society!  [ an additional report about the show and some general thoughts about the show and contents of the philatelic exhibits will be forthcoming in a future issue of TNCP. -web admin ]

 Mark Honig, CPS President
6th CPS Meeting 2016-05-29
  CPS Booth at the 2016 World Stamp
Show in New York City, NY USA

Report on the 5th Meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society, October 2012

The 5th meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society was held in NYC on October 12, 2012 at the Collectors Club.  Nearly a dozen members were in attendance at the meeting.  Reports on membership status, Society finances, web site and future projects were presented by the members.  The meeting was productive and a good time was had by all. Plans for a forth coming meeting will be discussed in future issues of the Journal with subsequent news listed on the web site.

5th Meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society, October 12, 2012, Collector's Club NYC, USA

Report on the 4th Meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society, August 2010

The 4th meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society was held during the APS Stamp Show 2010 in Richmond VA, August 12 – 15, 2010. The Richmond show was extensive, with at least 150 dealers and over 900 exhibit frames.

Three members of the Society, attended the meeting in Richmond on August 14. Martin Oakes, the editor of the Society’s Journal demonstrated a new macro that he is developing that will allow users to integrate an updated Excel version of the Map on Stamps Checklist with the user’s personal copy of an older version. Sometime the user will annotate the checklist with notes and additional information. The macro will allow a smooth integration of the old and new Checklists without losing personal comments or creating duplicate entries.

Martin expects the macro to be completed by year-end. It was decided to issue Rev. 5 of the Checklist to coincide with the completion of the macro.

We also discussed the possibility of using MagCloud to print and distribute The New CartoPhilatelist. An actual test was carried out using MagCloud to produce the October 2010 issue. The group also discussed having the Checklist available to members online.

Report on the Third CartoPhilatelic Society Meeting in Sarasota, Feb, 2008

The CarotPhilatelic Society held its 3rd meeting on February 2nd, 2008 at the Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition in Sarasota Florida. There were six members from the Society present at the meeting.

The first order of business was the Secretary/Treasurer Report. This report is detailed in the New CartoPhilatelist Journal, #21, April 2008

During the meeting Miklos raised the subject of a second volume in the Society’s Occasional Publication series and presented a copy of “Old European Road Maps” from the Postal History Journal (1980), which perhaps could be used as the basis for the second volume.

Another idea was to follow up on a reported sixth volume that Walter Klinefelter had in preparation at the time of his death. Al met his daughter recently and will contact her to see if there is anything there that perhaps we could take on and complete.

These discussions will move to the new Society member’s forum where they can be further discussed.

Martin Oakes was introduced as the new editor of the New CartoPhilatelist.

David reported that Revision 4 of the Maps on Stamps checklist is ready to go with only minor corrections being made. An announcement will be in the next issue of the TNCP. Several issues were raised about the Checklist:

David reported that were a couple of members interested in putting the Checklist into some type of database system, however there will be some tradeoffs in doing this. This discussion also, has started on the new Society member’s forum.

David also delivered a presentation sent from Reese concerning the Society’s web site. The report gave details into the differences between the two sites which the Society has and provides an overview of some new revisions and enhancements to the sites.

The next topic for discussion was Exhibiting, lead by Miklos. He presented a paper with a lot of information on exhibiting, including rules on exhibiting from the FIP and APS. Miklos mentioned several reasons for exhibiting and suggested that both individual and a Society exhibits might be in order.

Mark made a very interesting presentation on Maps on Gutters. Numerous examples from many countries were presented. David then concluded the formal meeting with a short presentation on map stamps of the Military Order of Malta.

A very nice sales/trading session followed with many of us adding to our collections.

Friday evening the Society group met at the Boathouse Restaurant at the Hyatt for a very nice dinner. The Saturday evening dinner was at Mariana Jack, an interesting place not far from the Hyatt. A wonderful time was had by everyone with plenty of talk and discussion.

All present agreed that meeting every two years would be appropriate. Two suggestions were made: One of the ASDA Mega-Shows in New York City, or the London 2010 Festival of Stamps (May 8-15, 2010, Islington). There seemed to be more favor for NYC since that would hopefully allow for more attendees.

We look forward to meeting more of our Society members at a future meeting.



Report on the Second Meeting of the CartoPhilatelic Society, June 2006

The Society held a meeting during the World Philatelic Exhibition in Washington DC. The full event ran from May 27, through June 3rd, 2006.

Here are some pictures of your fellow Society members who attended the meeting. We look forward to meeting more of our members at our next meeting.


As this event has already finished, please check the website World Philatelic Exhibition for more details on the Washington 2006 World Philatelic Exhibition.

Tuesday May 30, 2006 (PM): Informal “get together” meeting at the Butlers Martini Bar in the Grand Hyatt, 1000 H Street NW, at 6:00 pm. For those who have not met any other members yet, David will be holding a beach ball in the form of a globe to help you easily spot our group.  This is a strictly voluntary meeting and is just a way to meet informally prior to our planned Society activities the following 2 days.

Wednesday May 31, 2006 (AM):  Tour of the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress. Meet at 9:45 am in front of the reading room LM-B01), by the large globe, in the basement of the Madison building of the Library of Congress. Check out the G&M web site at [http://www.loc.gov/rr/geogmap/ – it has a link to a map of the building and of the basement. Our host for the tour is Edward James Redmond of the staff of the LoC and of the Washington Map Society (WMS). Be sure to also check out the WMS at http://home.earthlink.net/~docktor/washmap.htm – we are institutional members.

Thursday June 1, 2006 (AM):  CartoPhilatelic Society Annual Business meeting. This will be held in Room 149A of the Convention Center at 10:00 am.

Agenda items include:
Welcome and agenda review
Membership report
Financial report
Arrangements for trading and exchange of stamps
The New CartoPhilatelist – Recognition of new Editor, comments
“Scholarly” journal – any interest?
Checklist – comments?
A preview of a paper on map stamps due for fall publication in the Portolan, the journal of the Washington Map Society

I have downloaded the Level 1 Floor Plan and Marked Room 149A for your convenience here. [Web Admin]. More information about the Convention Center can be found at http://www.dcconvention.com/meeting/floorplans.asp.

Thursday June 1, 2006 (PM):  Cartophilatelic Society Annual dinner and banquet: 6:30 pm at the Tabard Inn  http://www.tabardinn.com/home.htm. Since we are less than 15 in number, it looks like, by the fine print, that we will be able to order at the time.  We’ll double check this, and if not, get a menu distributed as soon as available. Remember, you will be billed for charges over the US$50 you have already paid (gratuity, alcohol/drinks, etc.).

We look forward to seeing you there!

David Wolfersberger
Alf Jordan