Belgium Marks 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of Postcodes

Belgium 2019-03-18

On March 18, 2019 Belgium Post issued a stamp marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of postcodes in Belgium.  The horizontal formatted and very colorful single issue depicts a map of Belgium “stylistically” divided into approximately nine sub-divisions each with a large numeral shown inside each, basically indicating the first digit of the postcode for that sub-division. In Belgium, postcodes consist exclusively of four numbers, ranging from 1000 to 9992. There are 1192 postcodes in use throughout Belgium. The number series are arranged regionally, with the design of the regions on the stamp roughly matching the provinces. The postcodes are written on the stamp in “micro text.” Available in sheets of 10, the non-denominated issue covers, what appears to be, standard domestic mail up to 50g. A large “1” in a circle [] is shown in the lower left of the stamp. A large “50” with the text “ans de codes postaux jaar postcodes” is also shown on the left side of the issue.  Postcodes were established in Belgium in 1969 where each postcode corresponded to a “commuanl section.” In 1990, these codes were revised with new codes being distributed to more than half of the municipalities. The goal of the revision was to match postcodes more closely with the provincial and municipal boundaries. The more zeros there are in the postcode, the higher the number of inhabitants of that represented city. Special numbers are reserved for the EU institutions, NATO headquarters, public and commercial broadcasters, and other public institutions.

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