Our History

The CartoPhilatelic Society was founded in 1955 by a group of philatelists
with a keen interest in maps and cartography.

Now in our 62nd year, the Society continues to foster philatelic research and promote cartophilately.

Join us as we continue the journey to the next 50 years!



The CartoPhilatelic Society is proudly affiliated with the
American Philatelic Society and the American Topical Association

American Philatelic SocietyAmerican Topical Association

Background of the Society

Germany sc2439Germany sc2439

The CartoPhilatelic Society (CPS) was founded in 1955 and has become an internationally recognized map stamp study unit with members located across the globe. The Society is affiliated with the American Philatelic Society (APS), the American Topical Association (ATP) and maintains strong ties with our sister society in Germany.

Society members have an interest in all kinds of maps and cartography as they appear on stamps, letters, and cancellations. Map stamps are the largest group of topical stamps. The interests of the Society and its members cover everything related to maps on stamps – maps, charts, historic maps, tiny and outline maps, globes, etc.

All known map stamps are listed in the Maps on Stamps Checklist, diligently maintained by the Society. The checklist contains more than 37,000 entries, and includes map stamps related to every aspect of cartography. The checklist is available for purchase by all members.

Hungary sc2674Hungary sc2674

Since its founding in 1955, and only with the exception of a short period from 1996/2002, the Society has published a journal. Currently, the Society’s quarterly journal “The New Cartophilatelist” (TNCP) contains both member and non-member submitted articles of philatelic research on map stamps, regular columns, news related to map stamps, literature and press reviews, Society news, discussions about topical subjects, and updates to the checklist with many images of new issues.

TNCP is the premier publication for worldwide collectors of maps on stamps and features a wide variety of articles for all enthusiasts. Members receive the journal either as a PDF through digital download or in high quality printed form through the post. In addition to the quarterly journal, the Society also has an Occasional Publication Series. The first book in the series, “America on the map” was published in 2007 with articles related to America’s depiction on map stamps.

USA sc327USA sc327

The Society holds regular meetings, usually in conjunction with regional or international stamp shows, and maintains a web site where all issues of the journal are available to members for download. In addition to the checklist, some members of the Society are engaged in a map stamp scanning project and journal indexing project.

If you have an interest in cartophilately, please come and join us!